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I am a Graduate Student obtaining my Masters Degree in New Media Journalism via online from Full Sail University.
I graduate in May 2012. My name is Jacqueline Presley and I am an aspiring Community Journalist who enjoys creating videos and writing articles.  I’ve always had an interest in multimedia; I have a work history with teaching, learning software as well.  I’m a photographer and videographer that create images that tell a unique side of a story.  Furthermore, I am a writer who loves to become a storyteller in my work.  As a student nearing the end of acquiring my Masters in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University, I am excited to be a blogger on te.patch On a personal level, I enjoy watching television shows focusing history, geography or both.  One of my favorite shows is “The Amazing Race.”  This show displays teams with determination, interesting regions and most of all friendships within various groups of people.  I see myself as a journalist working with my teammate, which is the particular community I report my articles from.  I want to convey a feeling that I am a part of this community as well, not an outsider journalist who doesn’t get a sense of what the neighbors want for their community.  When a reader finishes my article and looks over my accompanying multimedia project I hope that I have provided a vision and goal of delivering a compelling story. I hope that the reader will feel informed and hopefully walk away saying to themselves, “that was an interesting story, I’ll check back at her website again for future articles.”  
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