Local Olympian: Eating McDonald’s at the Olympics

The U.S. archery team is enjoying having indoor practice in rainy London.

Olympic Archer Cindy Bevilacqua has posted another blog:

Boy, I’m so grateful to the U.S. Olympic Committee, for finding us a facility to be able to shoot 70 meter indoor, approximately 77 yards. Yes, it is a big deal. We have the pleasure of practicing indoors when all the other countries are stuck outdoors in the cold, windy, rainy elements.

As I walked into the dining hall Friday night, I looked around to see all the different areas of food stations; Asian, the Americans, the Best of Britain, the Islands, etc. Then, I look to my right to see the huge McDonald's. And what do I see—countries lots of countries, all enjoying McDonald's.

Bevilacqua is the co-owner of in Delaware County and a resident of Westtown, Chester County.

frank breslin July 23, 2012 at 02:06 AM
To be able to feed the masses...........and move the masses.............ARA has it down to a science.............different menus and the like ---amazing


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