TE Student Outscores Millions of Others

Only .03% of all students can do what he just did.

Cadet Young Sheng
Cadet Young Sheng

The following was submitted to Radnor Patch for publication from Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

Valley Forge Military Academy & College is excited to announce that Cadet Young Sheng, a junior at Valley Forge Military Academy, has achieved a perfect SAT score.

More than 1,000,000 students take the SAT exam each year, and only .03% of all students who take the SAT exam can say they have earned a perfect 2400 score.

When asked how he felt about this accomplishment, Cadet Sheng modestly replied, “This achievement is another stepping stone for me. It has validated my belief that Valley Forge Military Academy is really helping me to accomplish my goals, and is teaching me to become a better person.”

Cadet Sheng was born in Chicago, IL, and grew up in Pennington, NJ. When he explored his options for high school, Sheng was very impressed with the varied education that Valley Forge Military Academy offers to students. “It went beyond the academics to incorporate leadership development and an examination of one’s character that ultimately teaches you to become a better person overall,” he explained.  

As a cadet, the impact that Valley Forge has had on his life has been profound; it provides him with a positive perspective about how the world works, teaches him to inspire and motivate others, and to be a positive influence on their actions; “…you are poised to become a more independent person at a younger age when you graduate from Valley Forge.”

Cadet Sheng is enrolled in the Advanced Honors Program at Valley Forge Military Academy. The program is a unique blend of high school AP and honors courses, and undergraduate college courses in which he will earn college credit, boost his transcript for college applications, and be challenged with a higher level of academic rigor. He is currently enrolled in advanced honors physics, advanced independent studies for Spanish, three AP classes, and he successfully completed two college courses for credit at Valley Forge Military College in the fall, and is enrolled in two additional college courses for the spring semester. He plays alto saxophone for the Valley Forge Military Academy & College Regimental Band, and is a member of the swim team. He holds the rank of Master Sergeant in the 86th Corps of Cadets, and is the Concert Master for the Regimental Band. Cadet Sheng is outgoing, personable, incredibly articulate, and is well-liked and respected by his classmates.

Cadet Sheng is considering his brother’s alma mater, Princeton University, or may explore a new horizon on the west coast; he plans to study in the STEM field. Cadet Sheng displays a strong commitment to his sense of duty taught to him at Valley Forge, and intends to focus on doing his part to help make society a better place. Sheng commented, “I feel that I won’t be doing my part in society unless I am giving back to the community that helped me become what I am today.”

William Keyser January 18, 2014 at 12:56 PM
What a refreshing piece of news and kudos to Cadet tSheng. Have heard of many success stories coming out of and because of VFMA ~ they coach and educate the whole person. It is an international resource that we are lucky to have in our community.
jovanna bevilacqua January 19, 2014 at 10:01 AM
Congrats to Cadet Sheng! VFMA has positively changed lives for the better...last night we hosted a Bro-Mitzvah @ our cafe and met the best group of VFMA Cadets!
Lindsay at Flag Lady Gifts January 21, 2014 at 01:06 PM
A perfect score is an incredible accomplishment, on top of Cadet Sheng's other accolades. It sounds like he'll go on to do great things in college and in life!


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