TE Schools Open Late-Huge Mess on TE Roads

T/E Schools are opening two hours late Wednesday morning and there are big problems on roads everywhere.

The Tredyffrin Easttown School District is opening two hours late Wednesday morning. A big part of the late start is getting kids to school safely.

The big concern is that there are trees down on roads all over the district and many bus stops, even a few scattered neighborhoods are cut off from school bus (and in some places even private vehicle access).

Here is the announcement that appears on the T/E School District's website about the late start:

Special Announcement for Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All T/E schools will be on a 2-hour delay on Wednesday October 31st. with the Modified Kindergarten Schedule. At this time, there are several roads in the District that are closed or blocked and may not be accessible to school buses in the morning or in the near future. If your bus stop is not accessible in the morning, you may choose to bring your child to school or take them to the closest accessible bus stop.

Modified Kindergarten Schedule for 2-hour delays:
AM and PM kindergarten sessions will follow a modified schedule on days when inclement weather results in a 2-hour delayed opening. Each kindergarten session will be reduced by 1 hour when there is a delayed opening to provide equal instructional time for both sessions.

AM kindergarten classes will begin at 10:45 am and will conclude at the modified pick-up time of 12:40 pm. Parents of PM kindergarten students should drop their children off at the modified start time of 1:25 pm. School dismissal time for PM kindergarten students remains at 3:20 pm.

As a result, AM kindergarten students who use bus transportation to school will be picked up at their bus stops 2 hours later than usual, which is the same time as students in grades 1-4 on 2-hour delay mornings, and PM kindergarten students will ride the bus home at their regularly scheduled time. Parents are asked to make note of the change in the mid-day pick-up and drop-off times on days when there is a 2-hour delayed opening.

Modified Kindergarten Schedule:

AM Kindergarten: 10:45 am – 12:40 pm
PM Kindergarten: 1:25 pm – 3:20 pm

Bus Stop Locations:
Bus stop locations on our web site by clicking here and selecting your individual school and scrolling to your school bus number or by calling the Transportation Offices at 610-240-1680 after 6:00 am in the morning.


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