T/E Board to Vote on Teacher Contract Tonight

The board has to approve the contract before the public can see what's in it.

The Tredyffrin Easttown School Board will hold a special meting tonight (Monday, Oct.15) to vote on a teacher contract agreement reached over a month ago.

The two sides reached a tentative agreement back on September 5.  Under Pennsylvania Labor Laws the public is not permitted to see details of the agreement until it has been approved.

The School Board will vote on the deal at 7 p.m. at the T/E School District Administration Offices. After it's a done deal will the public be able to see the details.e

The school board's chief negotiator and the board's solicitor have both explained the procedure in a detail in public board meetings. Under Pennsylvania case law both the teachers union and the school board are not permitted to discuss the details of the agreement until after both sides have voted to approve it.

The Tredyffrin Easttown Education Association members were to meet last Thursday to vote on the deal reached between the school board and the union's negotiators.

Once the union rank and file approves the offer, the board can vote on it. That is expected to happen tonight.

The same process was in effect when th.

Monday night's special meeting is only scheduled to last 30 minutes, followed immediately by a long-scheduled school board finance committee meeting. If the contract is approved, the details will be made public.

The next scheduled school board meeting is on Monday, October 22 at 7:30 p.m. and that's when the public is expected to have a chance to comment on the contract which would, by then, be a done deal.



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