St. Monica, St.Pat's Schools Reveal New Name

The two parish schools, anticpating being closed and merged, have come up with a name for their new consolidated school in Malvern.

St. Monica School in Berwyn and St. Patrick's in Malvern are moving ahead with plans for a new, consolidated school on the current St. Patrick campus. Leaders of the two schools and parishes met last week to forge plans for the fall, even as they await a ruling on St. Patrick's appeal of its closing.

In a letter to St. Monica school and church families, Pastor William Trader revealed the new school will be named Malvern Catholic Regional School.

In the minutes of the meeting attached to his letter,  Trader explains "our rational was that there were numerous saints whose names have been brought to the table, so we looked for a more neutral name that would allow us to further regionalize if and when the time comes. It also cuts down on the confusion of another saint’s name being housed on St. Patrick’s campus; e.g.: If we chose St. John...when describing where it is, we would say St. John’s on St. Patrick’s campus...very confusing. This also allows us to continue to honor our parish patron saints."

St. Patrick's has appealed the Archdiocesan Blue Ribbon Commission's recommendation to close the Malvern school and merge it with St. Monica's on the current St. Patrick's campus. A final ruling on St. Patrick's appeal by Archbishop Charles Chaput is expected by February 15.

In the meantime, the two schools have been ordered to keep planning for the closings and consolidation. Trader's letter says the same minutes report of each future meeting will be sent to both congregations.

Each school's implementation teams are scheduled to meet Monday (February 5) at 3:30 p.m.. Trader's minutes indicate the two schools will hold their next joint meeting on February 23.


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