Conestoga Scores Big on Merit Scholar Tests

Conestoga far outnumbers other schools and districts on prestigious honor.

Thirty-five Conestoga High School Students are National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists. The students were honored at Monday night's T/E School Board meeting.

With 35 finalists Conestoga far outnumbers other public and private high schools in the region.

The next closest in terms of number of National Merit Semi-Finalists is Radnor High School.

You can see how Conestoga ranked among Upper Main Line and Southesasten PA schools in this TE Patch Article.

The Following information about the finalists and other national Merit Scholarship honorees was provided to Patch by the Tredyffrin Easttown School District:

Conestoga’s students have been recognized for their achievements as National Merit Semifinalists and Commended Scholars. This recognition is based on their performance on the PSAT/NMSQT tests.

Thirty-five Conestoga students have been recognized as Semifinalists. This ranks them among the top 1% of juniors in the nation. These students entered the National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) as high school juniors. They will go on to compete as finalists and perhaps become eligible for scholarships through the National Merit Corporation or its sponsoring organizations.

Thirty-nine of Conestoga’s students have been recognized for their achievements as National Merit Commended Scholars. Although Commended Students do not continue in the competition for National Merit Scholarships, some of these students do become candidates for Special Scholarships sponsored by corporations and businesses.  

Three Conestoga students have been recognized as National Hispanic Scholars. One of the National Hispanic Scholars was also named a Semi-finalist and another was named as a Commended Scholar. The National Hispanic Recognition Program, established in 1983, is a College Board program that provides national recognition of the exceptional academic achievements of Hispanic high school seniors and identifies them for post-secondary institutions. Students enter the program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) as high school juniors and by identifying themselves as Hispanic.

  • Lindsey Beale    
  • Kevin Li   
  • Carolyn Vilter
  • Michael Bennett   
  • Caroline McMillan  
  • Phoebe Wang
  • Julianna Bradley   
  • Karolis Panavas  
  • Ruth Wang
  • Alexander Carre 
  • Soonsoo Park   
  • Brooke Weil
  • Anne Chen    
  • Evan Pentz   
  • Michael Wilson
  • Allison Chiang   ` 
  • Dennison Richter  
  • Yiqing Xu
  • Joani Etskovitz   
  • Broderick Schofield  
  • Haley Xue
  • Oliver Feng    
  • Ying-Chong Shang 
  •  Connie Yang 
  • Mingjian Gao    
  • Chase Shipp   
  • Rebecca Yao
  • Benjamin Gibbons   
  • Madeline Stockton  
  • Christine Zhang
  • Jeffrey Han    
  • Shwetha Sudhakar  
  • Lingyu Zhu 
  • Marley Jennings   
  • Aryaman Swaminathan 


National Merit Commended Scholars:

  • Byung Bae    
  • Matthew Hom   
  • Madeline Swarr
  • Dhananjay Bhaskar   
  • Ivan Ilyin   
  • Alexander Teti 
  • Brittany Bowers   
  • Noah Johnson  
  • Nicholas Torres
  • Jiali Chen  
  • Allison Kirkby   
  • James Walton
  • Min-Kyung Chun   
  • Stephen Klawans  
  • Amy Wang
  • Caroline Donahue   
  • Jessica Lee   
  • Jason Wan
  • Matthew Dong    
  • Cheryl Liu   
  • Heather Ward
  • Frederick Fischer   
  • Robin Luo   
  • Angel Xiao
  • Anurag Garikipati   
  • Venkata Meka   
  • Kevin Yao
  • Surabhi Ghai    
  • Matthew Mignogna  
  • Carl Zhang
  • Linda Goldberg   
  • Alexandra Mingione  
  • Brian Zitin
  • Claire Grant    
  • Neha Nataraj   
  • Anna Gupton    
  • Adrian Relic
  • David Heineman   
  • Martin Stenson

National Hispanic Scholars:

  • Ignacio Magana Castillo
  • Broderick Schofield
  • Nicholas Torres



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