Ballistic Film Buys Cops Time in Case of Guns

See how the new film being installed at T/E Schools slows down bad guys.

The Tredyffrin Easttown School District is preparing to install ballistic resistant film on the glass at the entrance ways to teh district's eight schools.

While the material does not make the glass bullet proof, it is a realtively quick way for the district to make the entrance ways a lot harder to penetrate.

The school shooter in Newtown Connecticut shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary school by firing through glass in a door and gaining access through that door.

School and police officials at Wednesday's public meeting told the audience that the primary objective behind installing the film (and intercom/remote locking systems) at the front entrances of schools is to slow down any potential intruder and buy first responders time to get to the scene. Both Easttown and Tredyffrin Police Chiefs say their officers can get to any school in the district in no longer than 4-8 minutes. If the ballistic film dramatically slows down a shooter who is trying to blast his way into a building, the idea is that police have more time to stop the shooter before he can get in the building or get to an area with people.

Police emphasize that the primary objective of all the new security measures is to dramatically slow down and restrict a gunman's access to kids inside a school building.

You can see a demonstration of how the film (which is clear and applied to existing glass) works in the videos attached to this article.


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