TT Supervisors Adopt Sweeping Zoning Changes

Two year planning process led to sweeping overhaul of commercial zoning rules and regulations that was approved Monday night.

Tredyffrin Supervisors have approved sweeping revisions to the township's commerical zoning ordinance.
Tredyffrin Supervisors have approved sweeping revisions to the township's commerical zoning ordinance.
An ordinance that has been in the works for nearly two years and which makes sweeping changes to Tredyffrin Township's commercial zoning regulations was unanimously approved Monday night by the 7-0 all Republican Board of Supervisors. 

"It is a sweeping revision." Tredyffrin Director of Planning and Zoning Matt Baumann  told Patch after the vote.  "We are modernizing the code to reflect changes in uses (since previous zoning codes were enacted).  Baumann has worked on shepherding the new ordinance through a two year process which included hiring a consultant firm to look at current commercial zoning in the township and make recommendations based on preserving the interests of residents and local home and property owners while also trying to attract news businesses.

"Thousands of cars drive through Tredyffrin Township (on 202 and 30) every day.  We want people to stop here, shop here and open up businesses here," Baumann said.  This ordinance was created with an eye on what the township will need to be competitive "in 10, 15, 20 years," Baumann told TE Patch.

The new ordinance creates or redefines five commerical zoning categories:

  • O- Office
  • LI- Light Industrial
  • PIP-Planned Industrial Park
  • C1- Commercial business geared toward consumers like dry cleaners, restaurants and smaller retail stories
  • C2- Larger commercial businesses like shopping centers or the old Syms store
  • (as an example and if it were still in business)

The new ordinance also eliminates by redefining  five commercial zoning categories:

OA-Office/Apartment District
P-Professional District
LO- Limited Office District
SC-Shopping Center

Among the other notable changes to zoning regulations included in the new ordinance are a reduction in size of commercial property parking spaces from 10x20 feet to 9x20 feet and changes in regulations regarding commercial business signs.

Monday's vote follows nearly two years and 15 public meetings and hearings.

You can read details of the ordinance here on the Tredyffrin Township website.  A summary presentation made Monday evening by the consultants to the supervisors and the public is expected to be posted on the township website by Tuesday afternoon.
Tom McCarey December 03, 2013 at 11:41 AM
The Supervisors need to keep their meddling mitts off "zoning," or, as it really is, violating people's property rights. Eliminating confiscatory taxes should be their priority, not picking winners and losers in the economy, done mostly to help their friends and families. The township subscribes to "Smart Growth," which is soviet-style central planning, shown to be a failure for 30 years, because they know what is better for us than we do. They are taxing seniors out of their life long homes with the rationalization that Tredyffrin's taxes are lower than the next township. Hogwash! They spend our money on million dollar sidewalks that no one wants, on million dollar bike trail bridges that benefit very few, and parks that are expensive and unnecessary. Do you know that the yards of us taxpayers are not considered "open space" when the Supervisors vote to buy more land? Outrageous! We need to vote in people who will start to systematically reduce spending and taxes. Tom McCarey


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