Trout Creek Flooding to be Addressed Thursday

Tredyffrin Township wants to help homeowners help the township manage flooding.

Every time there's a major rainfall, there are major worries about flooding in the streets, yards and low lying areas that surround Trout Creek.

Residents in the Glenhardie area of Tredyffrin saw major water problems last year as the remnants of Hurricane Irene soaked the region, but it doesn't take a hurricane to cause big headaches.

A posting about the issue on Tredyffrin Township's website sums up the problem this way:

For a number of years, Tredyffrin Township has been working on solutions to the flooding problems in the Glenhardie area. The challenge is that a number of large properties are needed for basins or other stormwater management facilities that would hold back runoff during heavy rain, thereby reducing the volume of water in Trout Creek downstream.

The Township owns one property in a strategic location: Devon Park Drive. The road itself can be used to store water underground. The Township will pursue grants for this project. However, because Trout Creek has so many tributaries, no single location can solve all of the downstream flooding problems and no other Township roads or properties are suitable. Additional sites are needed.

Therefore, as a second prong, the Township is focusing on how development can be part of the solution. The idea is to offer incentives for certain large sites in the Trout Creek watershed as a way to encourage developers to build substantial stormwater management facilities on those properties.

The township will hold a meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at the to discuss the problems and possible solutions, including a new ordinance with area residents.

Click here for a link to the Tredyffrin Township website section with a comprehensive overview of the Trout Creek storm water issue and details of the study, proposal and suggestions for what people who live near the creek can do to help control flooding.


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