Tredyffrin Website Used for Political Attack

Taxpayers paying for a township supervisor's savage political attack on the media, popular blogger and political opponent posted on the township's official website.

The Vice Chairman of the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors is on the warpath and he's launched a savage political attack on the media and a private citizen on Tredyffrin Township's official, taxpayer funded, website.

In a page-and-a-half screed that reads like a vicious political campaign hit piece, Republican Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman John "JD" DiBuonaventuro offers his explanation of his romantic involvement with a township Zoning Hearing Board member who is at the center of a "drunk and disorderly conduct" criminal case. That case recently ended with a not guilty verdict after a township police officer failed to appear for a court hearing.

The letter then turns blatantly political as DiBuonaventuro launches an attack on Main Line Media News which ran the original story () and goes after , who also posts many of of her blogs here on TE Patch.

In the letter, posted Thursday at the top of the Tredyffrin Township official website, DiBuonaventuro then goes on a political rant against Benson, a private citizen, who started her Community Matters blog after an unsuccessful run for a seat on the Board of Supervisors in 2009.

"..What is more important for our community to realize from this example is the disturbing trend which has developed with most of the internet elements of legitimate newspapers and the tabloid formatted blogs like "Community Matters." That trend is that there is apparently no accountability for those that feed on the topic or person of the week that happens to get thrown into the "chum tank" of anonymous commentators.  Additionally the "Community Matters" posts about Tredyffrin Township Government appear to be an on-going effort to discredit our government and its efforts to serve the citizens by creating and fostering an environment of conspiracy and misrust among its limited readership. The irony is that some who continue this campaign are the same who at one time, so eagerly aspired to be your elected representatives in that same government, only to fail in absolute defeat."

Unlike every other posting on the homepage of the Tredyffrin Township website you have to click on the headline in order to open and read any portion of the letter. The entire letter is posted as a pdf attached to this article.

Bill Bellew September 07, 2012 at 04:25 PM
I think PATCH needs to step back from this issue which exploded due to Patty Benson. Richard Ilgenfritz of Main Line Media started the ball rolling when he wrote an article for his paper without doing some proper due diligence as a reporter. His piece should have been on the "people scandal" page. He deserves to be reprimanded by his paper. Mrs. Benson, in her zeal to "beat a dead horse"--especially if it is a Republican--has shown once again that there is no story. What she has done is to get all the facts from the judge, the police, and the township on the record to discredit the original article. In the end, two policemen missed a court date. End of story. Or is it. I have know JD DiBuonaventuro for a number of years. He is above reproach !!! I would take anything JD says to the bank !!! He was right to get angry at what has transpired. Hopefully, all parties will now put this to bed. One last thing----I trust that Ms. Pratowski has already resigned from the Zoning Hearing Board. She does not set the example for this community.
Bill N. September 07, 2012 at 05:02 PM
As Mr. DiBuonaventuro decided to post this on the tax-payer funded website of Tredyffrin Township, it now appears to be the official stance of the township. Considering on how many attorneys live and work in the township, it's probably wise for the the administrators to remove Mr. DiBuonaventuro's inflammatory post immediately, before someone gets litigious.
John V. Petersen September 07, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Bill.. All due respect, you are off base at least as to Pattye. I do agree that MLMN attempted to give the impression that JD was involved. That much was clear. But nevertheless, the sum and substance of the article is essentially correct. As to Pattye, of anybody, she actually downplayed to the point of irrelevancy, JD as to this current incident. Look, ,JD was dating her before - and there were incidents in 2010. Apparently, it was enough for the DA to take seriously to investigate - regardless of who requested the investigation. And yes - JD has every right to get angry. I'd say in this case, he's misdirecting his anger. As to what you would take to the bank, you might change your mind in a bit on that. You are right about your example comment. But consider this - this government allowed it since at least 2010. Seriously Bill...I see you when you comment to the BOS at public meetings. You seem to me to be a pretty thoughtful person. Are you really going to give the government a pass on that? Perhaps you should perform some due diligence before commenting. :-)
Bob Byrne September 07, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Hi Bill, Thanks for your comment and I understand your suggestion. In fact TE Patch had pretty much left this story to the "players" involved. We originally reported the story linking only to the MLM News story and posting Pattye Benson's blog. Patch welcomes ALL voices in the community to blog on topics that are important to them and we encourage anyone with an interest in the communities we cover to express their opinions by blogging on Patch. Frankly this became a Patch story when I saw the letter posted on the Tredyffrin Government official website. While Mr. DiBuonaventuro uses the site to state his side of the story, he then goes on to use the "bully pulpit" to "bully an opposing viewpoint. While I am not in a position to judge the merit of facts as presented by either Community Matters or MLM, I am in a position to know that a blogger on TE Patch is also being dressed down on a taxpayer-funded website for stating her opinion. To me that raised the story to a level that merits at least asking who approved the Township website post and why. I asked the question and received an answer from Township Manager Mimi Gleason. That story is now posted on Patch. We invite and encourage members of the public to read the story, reach their own conclusions on the propriety of Ms. Gleason's decision and comment here on Patch.
Berwyn Neighbor September 07, 2012 at 06:42 PM
In the internal investigation done by the TT Police on why TWO different officers missed the hearing for a case that might have had serious personal consequences for the then defendant, they interviewed Mr. DiB. He had apparently dated the defendant. So it's okay for the police to examine his possible connection, but no one else. Sometimes, light produces heat.


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