State Rep. Mark Painter Does Not Agree with Corbett

The local representative said he will fight Corbett's plan for outside lotto management.

Rep. Mark Painter does not agree with Gov. Tom Corbett.

Painter says the Pennsylvania governor's plan for privatizing the lottery is not a wise decision.

According to a report in the Sanatoga Post, Painter said that he is not in favor of converting the 41-year-old program into a company managed by a foreign company. The article states Painter is one of many representatives to sign an "amicus" or "friend of the court" brief to state his opposition.

"The brief supports a lawsuit against the plan filed in December 2012 by the union of some state workers who could lose lottery-related jobs, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees," said the Sanatoga Post article.

Painter is a local representative for the areas of Lower Pottsgrove, Pottstown, Limerick and Royersford in the 146th House District.

According to the Post, Painter said he was shocked "the governor took it upon himself to sign away control of the lottery without even consulting with those who represent the people who will be most affected."

If the lottery was to go to the United Kingdom-based private company, Montgomery County could stand to lose out, according to Painter.

"Lottery proceeds in Montgomery County, according to Painter, annually pay for about $14.1 million in prescription-drug assistance, $8.9 million for property tax and rent rebates, $7.3 million for aging programs and senior centers, $13.7 million in long-term living services, and $7 million for the shared or free-ride transportation," said the article. "The lottery also distributed $97 million in prizes in the county."

"Every dollar the governor shifts to profit a foreign corporation is a dollar lost to our seniors," Painter said in a recent release.

According to Painter's website, the lottery in the state saw net revenues of $1.06 billion in 2011-12. That figure, he says, is up 10.4% over prior year.

"The Pennsylvania Lottery is the only lottery in the nation that directs all profits to programs that benefit senior citizens – like PACE, Property Tax/Rent Rebate and Shared Ride," said Painter's site. "Every single lottery dollar diverted from PA Lottery profits to a for-profit management company is a dollar taken from programs that help seniors."

If you agree with Painter, he offers constituents a link to post their opinions directly to Corbett. You can click here to "Take Action Now" to NOT privatize the lottery, per Painter's site.

Alyson D'Alessandro January 29, 2013 at 03:55 PM
We wrote about the governor's decision to privatize the lottery in the past. http://limerick.patch.com/articles/pa-lottery-may-become-managed-privately
Stephen Eickhoff January 29, 2013 at 04:48 PM
Not to say I support this sudden decision, but we're missing some numbers. We know that Corbett is not some anarchist who is going to privatize something just because he can. Despite the way he is painted in the press, he's your run-on-the-mill conservative. So clearly he is trying to save the state money by turning the administration over to someone else. Saving money means MORE money for the senior citizen programs that Painter cites. So where are Painter's numbers that show that the privatization will NOT save money? If he can prove that, he will have a point. Instead, he's suggesting that the lottery is being given away and all these programs will disappear. His comments are also tinged with xenophobia, making the point multiple times that this is a foreign-owned company. We are sick of deceitful politicians. Make your point, then supply some facts to back it up. Otherwise, go back to your cushy office that 3.07% of my income helps pay for, and stay out of the way of the adults.
Concerned citizen January 29, 2013 at 09:42 PM
Mark Painter is questioning the validity of privatizing the lottery just as I am, and I'm a registered Republican. Good for him.
thomas January 30, 2013 at 02:24 AM
The representative is keeping with Democratic principles that BIG GOVERNMENT is better.
Jose February 22, 2013 at 06:24 PM
No person in government should be selling off anything of this size without approval by the public through their elected officials.


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