State of the Union: U.S. Senator Pat Toomey

Toomey: "What we need is for the president to unite Americans - not divide them"

Pennsylvania U.S. Senator (R-PA) responded Tuesday night to President Obama's State of the Union Address.

Toomey posted the following statement on his official website:

"The president did suggest his willingness to work with Congress on a few pro-economic growth policies, and I will always welcome working with the president and anyone who wants to pursue ideas that will grow the economy and create jobs. However, the majority of the president's speech was just business as usual for this administration and a retread of ideas that have already failed.

"Massive spending, tax increases, new additional regulations, and special-interest giveaways - these are the things that have helped to get us to where we are now - a weak economy without the kind of job growth that we need.

"What we need is for the president to unite Americans - not divide them - and to focus on opportunities - a growing economy that will create the jobs that we need. With unemployment at more than 8 percent and our nation's debt at more than $15 trillion, we need to work together and pass meaningful solutions. I'm still going to fight for those policies, and I hope the president will come along with us on at least some of them."

Monica decarlo January 26, 2012 at 11:26 PM
Mr. toomey, come talk with a member of middle class america, not the zealot relidios fringe or those who think govt only wants their guns. I m a nurse of over 40 years experience, single parent (divorced), still woring at age 60 as I need health care. I raised 2 children , college educated, and now have 4 grandchildren to spoil. I can tell u whats wrong with the healthcare delivery system m big pharma, but im sure u wouldnt want to hear it. Time for govt to shrink, to pass legislation to protect taxpayers n not allow the rampant disparity in wealth that has about destroyed tbis country. Come talk to me. Id love to sit in a session of congress if all could be receptive to listen and not pkut and stomp feet or overshout a speaker. Congress acts on maturity.level of a two year old. We need adults, not pouting kids,who can t get their way as you worry about the lobbists for the uber rich to pad you pockets n campaign war chest to get relected. We need a max of 2term limits, no great taxpayer pension, healthcare or perks for you. Without any workers,there will be no production, no infrastruture, no provision of care, etc. time to turn this country around, not just for the few to hid amassed wealth in swiss banks and cayman lslands. Time for congress to accept fact that most americans are sick of the govt. Time for change.


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