Results by Precinct: Tredyffrin

Click here to see the vote tallies for precincts within Tredyffrin Township

Here are links to the Chester County Voer Services website which provides results by precinct in Tuesday's Primary races. We have listed them by precinct but also included where those precincts voted to make it easier to identify your neighborhood polling place.

Please note that as of the posting at 5:45 a.m. not all of the precinct had reported. You can check back by clicking here and entering your precinct number in  the search box on this Chester County website to get up to the minute results.

Voting results by Precinct:

E1 Our Lady of the Assumption (Chesco Precinct #585)

35 Old Eagle School Road

E2 Devon Prep School (Chesco Precinct #590)

363 N. Valley Forge Road

E3 New Eagle School Gym (Chesco Precinct #595)
507 Pugh Road

E4 New Eagle School Gym (Chesco Precinct #600)
507 Pugh Road

E5 Tredyffrin Library (Chesco Precinct #605)
582 Upper Gulph Road

M1 Conestoga High School Lobby (Chesco Precinct #614)
200 Irish Road

M2 Baptist Church in the Great Valley (Chesco Precinct #615)
945 N. Valley Forge Road

M3 St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church (Chesco Precinct #616)
600 Walker Road

M4 Wayne United Church of Christ at VF (Chesco Precinct #617)
45 Walker Road

M5 Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School (Chesco Precinct #618)
90 Howellville Road

M6 Valley Forge Middle School (Chesco Precinct #619)
105 W. Walker Road

M7 Glenhardie Country Club (Chesco Precinct #620)
1397 Old Eagle School Road

W1 Paoli United Methodist Church (Chesco Precinct #630)
81 Devon Road

W2 Delaware Valley Friends School (Chesco Precinct #635)
19 E. Central Ave.

W3 Tredyffrin Township Building Community Room (Chesco Precinct #640)
1100 Duportail Road

W4 Conestoga High School Gym (Chesco Precinct #645)
200 Irish Road

W5 Tredyffrin Township Building (Chesco Precinct #647)
1100 Duportail Road

Brent Wham April 25, 2012 at 04:47 PM
As 1 of only 2 Republican Primary voters in Chesco Precinct #635 Tredyffrin West-2, I guess turnout was "low". Also, the results don't show how I actually voted! I must have colored in my circles too hard and caused a "hanging chad"! Actually, I called County Voter Services this morning to find out why my votes weren't tabulated correctly. They said the Republican machine was broken and new results would be out by 4PM today, April 25.


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