Another Close One: Kampf Tops Drucker in 157th Rematch

The Republican won a second term while Drucker admitted this was his last run in the district.

For the second-consecutive election cycle, Republican Warren Kampf topped Democrat Paul Drucker for right to represent the 157th District in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives.

The incumbent declared victory shortly before 11 p.m. Two years after beating Drucker by just under a thousand votes, Kampf ultimately won by 1,002.

At an election night party at Wayne’s Landmark Americana, Kampf said his message of fiscal restraint struck a chord with the voters of the 157th.

“Controlling spending in state government and not increasing the burden on the job sector, improving Pennsylvania’s competitiveness, making it more job-friendly, was all a large part of our message. Wages aren’t going up,” Kampf said, in the midst of a Republican celebration that was muted by the news that President Barack Obama had just won reelection to his own second term.

Kampf added that his November 6 success was driven by a simple two-pronged strategy: good governance and passionate campaigning.

“We’ve worked very hard the last two years as a state representative office. We provided very good constituent services. On top of that, I knocked on something like 9,000 doors, talked to a lot of people, and many of those people liked the fact that I was out in their communities asking them what they thought was important in state government,” he added.

“I’m thrilled with the win and I’m looking forward to get back to Harrisburg to do the people’s business.”

Paul Drucker held an even more subdued election night party at McKenzie Brew House in Berwyn. Tuesday’s was an outcome, he admitted, that he didn’t see coming.

“We always felt good about it. Always,” he sighed.

Drucker added that, after consecutive losses, this would be his last run for the 157th District seat. 

“I’m not Richard Nixon,” he joked.  

KQuinn November 07, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Someone needs to tell Kampf that a photo of him with his wife and kids on a campaign ad is not an argument against his abysmal record on women's health and family planning. In fact, when he came to our door to beg for our vote, he stated unequivocally that he did not support his party's stance on abortion rights and family planning. Kampf, read your own record before opening your mouth next time.
Doug November 08, 2012 at 04:27 AM
Prove it.
Joe The Nerd Ferraro November 08, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Doug, I always think it is funny when someone with only a posting handle asks me to prove who I am when I put my full real name into a post...
Steve Shapiro November 08, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Ray -- The reporting error for W2 was fixed this morning (http://webapps.chesco.org/election/lib/election/results/635f.htm -- if you get the old results, hit the refresh button on your browser). We had two ballot scanners, but Voter Services only posted the results from one of the two on election night. The actual turnout for W2 was 77%. Steve Shapiro Judge of Election, Tredyffrin W-2
Ray Clarke November 08, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Many thanks, Steve, for the explanation. I had just seen the web site update. For what it's worth, the overall totals for the 157th have also changed (by more than the W2 fix): Kampf 17,136, Drucker 16,379, margin 757.


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