TE Residents Recycle Mountains of E-Junk

More than 700 people line up to recycle two tractor trailer's worth of unwanted electronics in Wilson Farm Park.

More than 700 vehicles of every size and type streamed into Wilson Farm Park for Tredyffrin Township's "anything with a plug recycling event" Saturday.

Crews from eForce recycling in Philadelphia accepted everything from blenders to microwave ovens, curling irons to huge big screen (standard definition) TV sets in the picnic pavilion parking lot.

Stacks of air conditioners, stacks of microwave ovens, piles of unwanted computer monitors and TV sets and box after box of old computers and small appliances were collected.

The company takes all the items collected to its plant in Philadelphia where the items are "de-manufactured" and separated into plastic, metal, and circuit boards. The pieces are then sold to plastic smelters, metal recycling and other places that buy smaller parts for recycling. That's how eForce makes its money from the free-to-the-public recycling event.

All together the itmes collected Saturday filled two tractor trailers.

tess November 05, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Great service. New to the area-do they do this every year? Thanks.


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