Corbett: 9 Insurers Interested in State's Private Coverage Option

Corbett's plan has not been approved by the federal government.

Gov. Tom Corbett announced on Friday that multiple insurance companies are interested in his plan to 

Corbett's plan, which has not been approved by the federal government, is to use federal Medicaid funds to allow Pennsylvanians to purchase private insurance. People earning up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level would be eligible under Corbett's "Healthy Pennsylvania" Private Coverage Option.

“This response from insurers was a critical step in building the framework to responsibly increase health care coverage through the private market for more than 500,000 Pennsylvanians,” Corbett said. “The number of applicants demonstrates that this innovative approach can and will work, once approved. I’m encouraged that so many health care insurers are committed to providing innovative, commercial products to thousands of Pennsylvanians.”

The Governor's Office did not specify the nine interested companies.

Corbett said that he is moving forward with his plans despite the lack of a federal approval.

“In order to avoid delaying coverage to uninsured Pennsylvanians, we and HHS agreed that it would be sensible to move forward with soliciting applications from PCOs while the waiver is being negotiated,” Corbett said. 

Corbett hopes to implement "Healthy Pennsylvania" by Jan. 1, 2015, his office said. 


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