Yard Debris Case Still Stumps Easttown

A Patch reader asks whatever happened with the case of a major yard debris litterbug? TE Patch gets answers.

Easttown Police are still searching for whoever dumped yard waste, including big tree branches and stumps, along several major roads in the township back in December.

While there have not been any arrests to date, the good news for area drivers, local neighbors and police is that the problem seems to have stopped. There have not been any reports in recent weeks. Police are still searching for the large-scale litterbugs.

Someone had been dumping yard clippings and even big chunks of trees and tree stumps on roads in Easttown .

The first incidents were reported in early December when big logs and tree stumps as well as sizable tree clippings started showing up in the middle of at least eight roads in the township including Beaumont, Twinbrook, Grubbs Mill and Waterloo.

Easttown Police say the yard waste was found strewn in the iddle of the road for up to 15 feet, as if someone was just dumping the stuff off the back of a truck.

A police source tells TE Patch that a person of interest has been questioned in the case but has not been charged.

The search for suspects and hard evidence in the case reamins active and ongoing.

In the meantime, police say the problem stopped immediately following their contact with the person of interest and there have been no reported incidents since.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Easttown Police at 610-687-3000.


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