Two Cars Broken into at a TE SEPTA Station

The search is on for vandals who hit two cars in the same parking lot.

Easttown Police are searching for a vandal or vandals who broke into two cars in the north parking lot at the Devon Train Station.

Both incidents were discovered around 5 p.m. back on November 8 in the parking lot on the north side of the station.

The first case was discovered by a commuter who returned to the parking lot at the end of the work day to discover the rear passenger side window of the car had been smashed. Police say the would-be thief rifled through the car but nothing appeared to be missing.

During the investigation a second vehicle was discovered in the same parking lot with a rear passenger side window smashed. It was not clear whether anything had been taken from the car.

What sets this case apart from most cases of cars being broken into is that the would-be thief actually smashed windows. Police say the most-common M.O. in car thefts at major parking lots is would-be thieves looking for car doors left unlocked.

Anyone with information about the smashed windows is asked to call Easttown Police.


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