Tredyffrin Township Honors Radnor First Responders Who Saved Boy From Drowning

Logan Schweiter's father, Martin thanked the volunteers who helped save his son.

They risked their lives, some diving into rushing water without a safety rope to pull an unconcious 12 year old boy from under the rushing flood waters of a rain swollen creek.  It was an act of heroism that literally saved Logan Schweiter's life.

Monday night, two dozen first responders were the first item on the agenda at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting. It was a ceremony who answered the call without hesitation, and it was the first time father had a chance to publicly thank the volunteers who saved his son. Martin Schwieter was joined by Logan's brother, sister and grandparents.

Supervisor John DiBuonaventuro addressed the standing room only crowd, citating the Radnor Fire Company members for their “outstanding teamwork” and “excellence in emergency response.” 

Logan’s father then addressed the crowd. Though his wife had met many of the first responders responsible for saving their son’s life, it was the first time that he had been able to publicly express his gratitude.

“Logan is alive today because of these gentlemen,” said Schweiter, who continued, thanking the men and women who have the “pride and confidence to continue to do this great work, and continue to help this community.”

“More importantly, what I’ve gotten out of all of this is the importance of volunteers,” said Schweiter. “These guys are volunteers. The ladies and men who were recognized today are volunteers. That’s amazing.. People taking their time and investing their time to do techniques to save peoples lives. They take away from their leisure time and they take away from their families to serve. Thank God. And I hope that this ceremony serves as a call to more people to come out and be volunteers.”


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