Suspicious Teen in House Mystery Solved

Police credit quick-thinking homeowners with leading to a speedy end to the investigation.

The mystery of an unidentified male high school student who walked into a home in Berwyn before turning around and walking out has been solved.  Easttown Police say it was an unusual incident that turned out to be a genuine misunderstanding.

Easttown Police tell TE Patch "we have identified the suspect from the Berwyn Avenue incident. The juvenile and his mother saw the article online last night and called us right away. We have spoken to numerous persons about this and believe it was simply the juvenile walking into the wrong home. The house he was looking for was further down the street and was similar looking on the outside. We do not suspect the juvenile of any crimes. The case is closed."

The incident first came to the attention of police on Friday.  Easttown Police told Patch that on Friday about 3 p.m. the man pictured in the original article  walked into a home in the 600 block of Berwyn Avenue. Police say "when the subject was confronted by a homeowner in the kitchen the subject stated 'oh my bad as if he had the wrong house. The (man)exited the home and climbed into the passenger side of the vehicle pictured here."

Police tell Patch that the high school student was looking for a home down the street and simply got the wrong address.

Police credit the homeowners in the home the teen walked into with quick thinking for taking cell phone photos of the student and his car.  Police say those photos posted on TE Patch are what prompted the subject of the search to contact authorities and clear up what happened, leading to the case being closed.

Editor's Note: Because the case is now closed and police say no crime was committed we are not posting the photo of the teen who was at the center of the search.
TColCPA January 28, 2014 at 06:56 PM
OK. I'm sorry but I gotta chime in here..... I hate to sound like a grumpy old man here, but this is outta hand. I saw this post early today - then I see this where "the mystery is solved". You wanna know what I think? Here's what I think: This little blurb of a story is such a sad example of where we are as a society, unfortunately especially when it comes to our youth. Here, this teenage kid walks into a house.... the wrong house. He gets confronted by the owners (maybe scared, shocked, or at a minimum - thinking what the hell is going on here). So, all the kid can muster up is "Sorry, my bad" and walks out. Really? That's all he's got? Now, if the kid kind of acted like a human with communication skills.... and does one of these: "Hey, I'm so sorry. I was looking for xxxx Berwyn Ave to meet my friend Tom (or whatever), and I mistakenly walked here". Again, I'm sorry - but I see now that Tom lives a few doors away" (or something like that). Is that just too much to ask from another human being? Just a little communication would be nice. Oh, never mind. Perhaps the owners of the house should have given the kid their cell phone number.... only then they would have gotten the full apology and detailed explanation via text. Anyhow, since 2 cents just won't cut it, I gave you my fitty cent.


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