Suspects Held For Trial in Prostitution Bust

Graphic new details surface as two suspects from Oregon are accused in a 20 minute sting operation by Tredyffrin Police.

According to police, the whole "appointment" was over in about 20 minutes but the resulting prostitution and drug posession cases could take weeks or even months as they move from the Courtyard Hotel in Tredyffrin Township to a court room in West Chester.

On the way suspects Jacquelyn Stahley and Jamaal Lambert made a stop in Devon District Court Wednesday where Judge Thomas Tartaglio ruled there is enough evidence in their cases to hold them over for trial in Common Pleas Court.

What led to police to the hotel:

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Tredyffrin Police in the case, the investigation began at 3:51 p.m. on Friday the 13th when "the Assistant General Manager of the Devon Courtyard by Marriott called Chester County Police Radio and reported that (he) believed that a.. female, later identified as Jacquelyn Stahley was probably a prostitute and had checked into room 355.." The charging document goes on to say the hotel Assistant General Manager also indicated that "Stahley...  was accompanied by a (man) later identified as Jamaal Lambert."

A hotel front desk clerk testified Wednesday that Stahley had paid for the room in advance on Priceline, but wanted to pay a cash deposit rather than use a credit card for incidental charges. The clerk testified that Stahley also requested a room "near the elevator" further raising the clerk's suspicions about Stahley. The clerk testified that when Stahley went out to her car in the parking lot to get the cash, she alerted a hotel manager who went to see where Stahley was going in the parking lot. According to the clerk's testimony the hotel manager saw Stahley talking with a man in a car. That information was relayed to police when they arrived at the hotel to investigate.

Tredyffrin Police were contacted by the 9-1-1 center and sent a uniformed officer in a patrol car who then called for a detective.

According to the affadavit, when Detective Brian Hughes arrived at the hotel, the staff reported what they had observed and what they suspected was going on.  The hotel then gave police access to the empty hotel room next to room 355 that police say Stahley had checked into. Detective Hughes then "entered (room) 357 to observe/hear anything that might further the investigation."

It didn't take long.

According to the charging document filed in the case, at 4:54 p.m.

"Detective Hughes heard a man's voice in the room, along with a female's voice. He also heard moans from the man and slapping sounds  that sounded like someone slapping bare skin. At one point he heard the female asking if he (the male) liked it." The Affidavit goes on to say that at about 5:10 p.m. "the male exited the room and was contacted by" Detective Hughes and the uniformed officer in the hallway right outside Stahley's room.  According to the affidavit "they explained their investigation and the male hunched down in a defeated posture. He said he was sorry and that he would cooperate. We (meaning the police officer and detective) spoke to the male and he indicated that he had contacted the female from an internet site the day prior for sexual services and they arranged to meet at the Marriott in Devon. He said the female communicated with him from her cellualr phone.. earlier in the day and gave him directions to the room she was in. The man knocked on the door and Stahley let him inside. While inside the room Stahley told him it would be $300 for what he wanted."

What police say happened in room 355...

According to the affidavit of probable cause: (Note: the following account given by police contains graphic language)

"Stahley brought with her several pieces of luggage. She got out a leather type stick and beat the man about his legs, buttoks and testicles as he requested. He told Stahley to be careful not to leave a mark. The man said Stahley (pleasured him) with her hands as she was slapping him. The man said he climaxed into a condom he had been wearing at the time.. He reportedly flushed the condom and then paid her the $300 in $50 bills. He then left the room and was contacted by police (in the hallway right outside the hotel room door)"

A few minutes later in the parking lot..

Police then went outside to investigate the man the hotel staff had reported as being in the car when Stahley checked in.  According to police, Jamaal Lambert was walking in the parking lot when police approached him and "advised him of the investigation."  According to the charging document, "Detective Hughes smelled a strong odor of fresh marijuana on Lambert's person." Police say Lambert allowed them to search the car and that he showed police a container with a small amount (11 grams according to the Affidavit) of marijuana.

According to the affidvait "Lambert was placed under arrest and while being patted down he was found to be in posession of $4,940 in U.S. currency. The money was bundled in packets."

Stahley now faces misdemeanor prostitution and drug posesssion charges. She is charged with the marijuana-related because the car was rented in her name and prosecutors say she would have known that the drugs were in the car.

Lambert faces misdemeanor drug posession charges. One more serious felony charge of managing a prostitute was dropped by prosecutors who struck a deal with Lambert's defense attorney.

Both Stahley and Lambert are from Oregon. The judge ordered Stahley held on $15,000 cash bail. Lambert's bail was set at $20,000 but he can be released if he posts $2,000 (10 percent of the bail) in cash. Both suspects were taken back to Chester County prison after the hearing.

Lucas Howard July 19, 2012 at 08:03 PM
"It didn't take long." - bwahahahaha - that's funny
Amaya Lopez August 02, 2012 at 04:23 AM
Wow, so much crime. A man wanted to get slapped by a stick and get a hand job..WOW!!!! Big whoop! C'mon, Prostitution brings business to hotels and stimulates the economy this is a KNOWN fact! Society is soo BUGGED out and I never knew that hotel staff where also hired to play rent a cop and tell on GUEST! Whatever happened to their "guest" privacy?! In Portland I worked front desk at a upscale hotel and we used to watch clients with "working girls" and NEVER called police, we respected the guests privacy! Never did anything crazy or violent occur, The hotel staff at that courtyard should be ashamed as they will lose business for exposing the privacy of guest!


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