Setbacks on Mr. Yang's Long Road to Recovery

An update on the produce market owner who was attacked in Berwn

It's been a long year for Yong Yang, the Berwyn produce market owner who was brutally attacked inside his delivery van as he closed up shop at the market that bore his name in Berwyn back in January.

"Mr. Yang" as everyone around him affectionately calls him, suffered severe eye damge that left him virtually blind in one eye in the attack. His daughter Chae tells Patch that a surgery last month which docotrs had hoped might restore sight in the eye did not go as well as hoped.  It was the third operation on the eye since the attack in January.

In August Chae Yang sent Patch this update on her father's condition

My father had a visit to the eye doctor on July 25th.He did not get the best news.  For some reason the cornea had not healed completely since the visit prior.  The doctor was also concerned this may lead to deterred health in the other eye.  Luckily, the other eye seems to be in the same health as before.The doctor was worried that with the trauma of the assault and two long surgeries,surgery at this time might not heal.

We are now waiting till mid October for another visit.  At that time the doctor will see if thecornea has healed further (currently at 70%).  My father will have to decide wether he will have a cornea transplant then.

He, we remain grateful to you and the community there.  My father misses seeing everyone and often speaks of different customers during our meals about he foods they liked, stories of their families and such.

In a follow-up email response to a Patch inquiry last week, Chae Yang told Patch "(Mr. Yang's) eye recovery has had some fallbacks.  He's healthy but he has had some irritations and incomplete healing."

Left unable to drive by his eye injury, Mr. Yang sold his market to the owners of Aneu Bistro and catering next door.  Mr. Yang had been working at the new store, consulting on produce and greeting familiar and new customers. He's currently not at the store but the manager tells Path they hope he can return.

Dave Staiger September 24, 2012 at 02:01 PM
We miss his market and the quality and selection that Mr. Yang provided for so many years.
Linda G September 24, 2012 at 02:09 PM
sad that mr yang suffers and the boys that did this don't. this man was a hard working man and had respect of his customers -
Debbie Brewer Watson September 25, 2012 at 12:20 AM
What ever happened to the two punks who did this to Mr. Yang? I don't remember reading anything about sentencing.


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