Flood Prone Areas to Avoid

The Berwyn Fire Co. released this list of flood prone areas to avoid.

These are some areas to avoid in Tredyffrin Township if you are on the road at any point during the storm. This is not an all inclusive list, but these are areas that usually will flood first during a major rain event. We strongly discourage your from traveling in this storm unless it is an emergency.

Walker Rd. Trout Creek Bridge between Glenhardie Rd. & General McIntosh Rd.

  • Richards Rd. between Glenhardie Rd. & Worthington Rd.
  • Lancaster Ave. between Meadowbrook Rd. & Old Eagle School Rd.
  • Old Eagle School Rd. Railroad Overpass between Wallace Dr. & Devon Park Dr.
  • Anthony Wayne Dr. between Valley Forge Rd. & Sullivan Rd.
  • Mill Rd. Park Bridge near Tredyffrin Township Building
  • Rt. 252 in the area of the Valley Forge Park Covered Bridge
  • Walker Rd. Trout Creek Bridge between West Valley Rd. & Anthony Wayne Dr.
  • Thomas Rd. Trout Creek Bridge between Colonel Dewees Rd. & Park Ridge Dr.

This information is provided by the Berwyn Fire Co., which also has more tips on what to do during a flood and who to call should your basement flood.


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