Easttown Police Add Seven Part Time Officers

A restructuring of the department adds officers and improves efficiency,

Seven new part time officers have joined the ranks of the Easttown Police Department.

Easttown Police Chief David Obzud says the shift will increase efficiency and allow full time officers to work consistent shift schedules without having the more grinding change from day to night shift every few weeks.

Obzud says the change comes after a full time officer left the department. In that officer's place, the department has hired seven part time officers for the cost of the salary and benefits from that one full time officer.

Obzud tells Patch that he is now able to assign a full time officer to handle and respond to traffic-related issues which are among the most common concerns voiced by residents. In addition another officer has been assigned as a full time sergeant/detective to handle investigations. Until now patrol officer often had to be pulled off the street to investigate crimes.

All of the part time officers are fully trained, just as the full time officers are in Easttown. All but one work other police jobs. Obzud says the department has been fortunate to find officers with a lot of experience in police and sheriff departments from around the region.

The part time officers will be assigned as needed to cover weekends, vacations and other responsibilities like investigations and court appearances that take full timers off the street.

Obzud says the new structure is similar to other police departments in similar sized jurisdictions in Chester County.  For the public and the township it means more efficiency in responding to citizen traffic concerns and for cases requiring a detective.


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