Dangerous Driving Conditions Cause TE Accident

Don't let the sunshine fool you. Many roads still remain dangerous.

Icy conditions are being blamed for an accident that sent a car into a ditch Sunday morning on a bad curve at the top Valley Forge Road between Pugh Road and Timber Lane. 

Berwyn Fire Company Assistant Chief Eamon Brazunas tell TE Patch that no one was injured in the two vehicle accident but one vehicle ran off the road and into the woods.

Part of Valley Forge Road was closed Sunday morning due to ice and snow.  It was not clear as of this posting whether the accident occurred in a portion of the road that was closed at the time.

Hazards for First Responders

Fire officials are asking anyone who does not need to be on the road Sunday morning to stay home to allow roads to be cleared.  Brazunas says among the biggest hazards facing all fire companies in the area are low hanging trees and wires which are being weighed down by ice.

Use Common Sense

Emergency officials remind everyone to stay away from downed power lines. It can be impossible to tell if a line is charged.

Don't go around road barricades.  PennDOT and local township crews are working to salt and sand roads but as of late Sunday morning, many were still dangerous.


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