An Urgent Safety Message from Berwyn Fire Co

If you're starting to think it's safe to venture out today, first responders want you to know...

Berwyn Fire Company officials are asking TE residents who don't need to leave home today to stay put.

There are several roads in the township with trees down or lights out, including several on Lancaster Avenue as of late morning.

Berwyn Assistant Fire Chief Eamon Brazunas says walking around your neighborhood or local streets can also be dangerous with high winds still gusting in the area. He points out that high winds can pick up downed tree limbs and other debris and turn them into flying debris.

For those who may be anxious to get out and walk or drive around he suggests the following: "Be Patient. Be Smart. Take a Break." He says using common sense is the best approach.

Other requests from public safety officials today:

Don't drive unless you absolutely have to. Staying clear of roads will make it easier for power crews to get around as well as emergency vehicles.

If you must drive- Slow Down. Barzunas says wet leaves on road surfaces make quick stops very dificult and with so many traffic lights out in the region, there is a much higher risk of collissions at dangerous intersections.

Do not operate gas-powered generators in or right next to your house. It may seem like common sense, but people do it. Brazunas says running a gasoline engine in your house (including the basement or garage) is a recipe for disaster. Deadly fumes can build up very quickly in any enclosed spaceand overwhelm occupants. Running a generator near a door or window can have the same effect. It's also poses a significant fire risk.

Show us what you can see outside the front door today.

Upload your photos here on TE Patch. Please, stay safe and literally show us what you see outside the front door... or what you are doing to spend the day inside.


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