Adults Charged for Serving Underage TE Guests

A frightening call from inside the house tipped police off to the party.

UPDATE as of 12 noon: Christopher Chestnut and Allison Kadel appeared in Devon District Court this morning. Both were released and have applied for Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition ARD in their cases. It is a program for first offenders that basically allows them to clear the case if certain conditions are met.  That is expected to happen in this case. Both Chestnut and Kadel are next due in Common Pleas Court in West Chester on January 22, 2013.

Two of four adults accused of hosting a party last month in Devon are due in court Thursday morning to face charges of furnishing liquor to minors and charges of possesion o distribution of a small amount of marijuana.

Easttown Township police say Allison Kadel, 22, of Doylestown and Christopher Chestnut, 21, of Freehold, NJ are among four adults who hosted a party at a house on Devon Boulevard where 21 underage teens admitted drinking.

A 9-1-1 call from a frightened person inside led police to the house.

According to an affadivit of probable cause filed in the case, police were topped off to the October 6 party when someone inside the house called 9-1-1 to say they were not being allowed to leave.

According to public court documents filed in the case, police responded to the house to do a "well-being" check after that call came in. (The cell phone call was actually routed to Radnor police but then handed off to Easttown because the house is in Easttown). According to an affidavit of probable cause, the intial call to police from inside the party some of the guests reported reported being ill and they also "were not being allowed to leave."

Two Easttown and four Tredyffrin Police officers responded to the scene.

According to court documents, as police knocked on the door, one man was stopped as he ran from the house. Police say Christopher Chestnut told officers he "was running due to being scared."

Once inside, police say 21 people underage 21 admitted to drinking beer that was being "served by the four hosts who reside at the house."

According to the police statement filed with the court "While checking for injured people, Ms. Kadel (one of the four residents) provided access to a locked common room on the second floor. Ms. Kadel informed me (the Easttown officer) only the four residents have access to this room. Located in this room in plain sight I observed three baggies of suspected of suspected marijuana, and three items of drug paraphernalia."

The four alleged party hosts were charged with 21 misdemeanor counts of servig alcohol to minors and misdemeanor drug charges.

Kadel and Chestnut are scheduled to appear in Devon District Court at 9 Wednesday morning for a preliminary hearing.  Court dates are still pending for the other two people (Michael Neal of Massapequa, NY and Aaron Courtney of Penfield, NY) charged in the incident.

CalbernDontLie January 08, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Omg. Weed again, when are these cops going to learn how backwards they are? I agree the drinking was messed up put forcing their way into a locked door for 3 dime bags. Hahah man! I surprised they didn't call in for the TE swat team.


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