Please Call Your Legislator

Pro gun bills will be in front of the PA Judiciary Committee. Please call in support today!

We plain old folk who choose to exercise our rights to firearm ownership step into a minefield of regulations, whether carrying a firearm for defense, or a simple day at the range. Worse, some communities make up their own laws, in direct violation of Title 18 of Pennsylvania Statutes that clearly state the Commonwealth pre-empts local communities in matters of gun laws.

You have a chance to roll back some of the more draconian laws, and to insure that petulant politicians don't capriciously decide to stomp on your rights under both Federal and Commonwealth contitutions. My friends at Firearm Owners against Crime have asked that we spread the word on two important bills that are going to be in front of the Judiciary Committee on the 24th of January. Here's a note from them:

PA House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Action

The PA House
Judiciary Committee has scheduled a vote on two important pro-gun pieces of
legislation up for a vote next week on January

House Bill 1668 is meant to address the
weaknesses in Pennsylvania law regarding the transportation of firearms and the
criteria for which has created many hardships for Pennsylvania gunowners.

This bill was introduced by Rep. Tim Krieger who is
to be commended for his willingness to take on this thorny social issue and try
to resolve some of the mistakes that continue to plague citizens across this

FOAC will grade a
vote in support of this legislation as pro-gun
. We encourage
all gunowners
to take a long look at this and consider contacting their

Read About
HB 1668 Here
: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/billinfo/billinfo.cfm?syear=2011&sind=0&body=H&type=B&BN=1668

House Bill 1523 was introduced by Rep. Daryl
Metcalfe to address the issues that continue to result in violations of
Pennsylvania’s preemption law that prohibits local communities from enacting
their own gun laws. Since there appears to be an unwillingness by the district
attorney's in the counties where these flagrant violations are occurring to hold
accountable these local communities criminally as is provided for in the law,
this legislation provides for the option to hold these communities and those who
enact the laws civilly responsible by imposing financial penalties.

Representative Daryl Metcalfe is to be commended for
doggedly pursuing these local communities flagrant violations of the law and
attempting to institute an appropriate remedial action option.

FOAC will grade a
vote in support of this legislation as pro-gun
! We encourage
all gunowners
to take a long look at this legislation as well and consider
contacting their representatives!

Read About HB 1523 Here: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/billinfo/billinfo.cfm?syear=2011&sind=0&body=H&type=B&BN=1523

HB 1523
is Rep Metcalfe’
legislation to correct Preemption Violations -- WE WANT them to VOTE
FOR HB 1523

67 Reps
signed on as sponsors to HB 1523

HB 1668 is Rep Krieger’
legislation to fix the current law regarding the transportation of firearms --
WE WANT them to VOTE FOR HB 1668
99 Reps signed on as sponsors to HB 1668

Please focus your attention on your
Representative (if he/she is a Judiciary Committee member) and then next on the
Judiciary Committee members who have ‘not’ yet committed to this legislation.

Please contact the PA House Judiciary
Committee Members as listed below:

Committee Representatives contact information

S. Marsico ( R ) Chairman of Judiciary Committee - thx him for allowing the

hbg (717) 7832014
fax (717) 7052010 x

Thomas R. Caltagirone ( D ) HB1523 Sponsor x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7873525 fax
(717) 7725401

Matthew Bradford ( D )
hbg (717) 7722572 fax
(717) 7722360

Joseph F. Brennan ( D )
hbg (717) 7729902 fax
(717) 7722284

Dom Costa ( D ) HB1668

hbg (717) 7839114 fax
(717) 7804761

Thomas C. Creighton ( R ) HB1523 Sponsor x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7725290
fax (717) 7831904

Bryan Cutler ( R ) HB1523 Sponsor x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7836424
fax (717) 7729859

Sheryl Delozier ( R ) past
sponsor to unloaded firearms
hbg (717) 7835282
fax (717) 772-9994

Eugene DePasquale ( D )
hbg (717) 7877514 fax
(717) 7804765

Brian L. Ellis ( R ) HB1523 Sponsor x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7877686
fax (717) 2606573

Keith J. Gillespie ( R )
hbg (717) 7057167
fax (717) 7729869

Glen R. Grell ( R ) HB1523 Sponsor x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7832063 fax
(717) 7057012

Mark K. Keller ( R ) HB1523
x HB1668 Sponsor

hbg (717) 7831593
fax (717) 7057012

Tim Krieger ( R ) HB1523 Sponsor x HB1668
PRIME Sponsor - make sure to thx
hbg (717) 2606146
fax (717) 2606501

Deberah Kula ( D ) past sponsor to Preemption x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7721858 fax
(717) 7804784

Brandon Neuman ( D ) HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7834834 fax
(717) 7051887

Bernard T. O'Neill ( R )
hbg (717) 7057170
fax (717) 7833278

Todd Rock ( R )x HB1523 Sponsor x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7835218 fax
(717) 2606505

Rick Saccone ( R ) HB1523 Sponsor x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 260-6122

Todd Stephens ( R )
hbg (717) 260-6163

Marcy Toepel ( R )
hbg (717) 7879501
fax (717) 7878215

Tarah Toohil ( R ) x HB1523 Sponsor
hbg (717) 2606136

Jesse White ( D ) HB1523
x HB1668 Sponsor
hbg (717) 7836437

John P. Sabatina ( D ) expect a Nay

hbg(717) 7724032 fax
(717) 7831579

Ronald G. Waters ( D ) expect
a Nay votes

hbg(717) 7729850 fax
(717) 7831516


rmarsico@pahousegop.com; tcaltagi@pahouse.net; mbradford@pahouse.net; jbrennan@pahouse.net; dcosta@pahouse.net; tcreight@pahousegop.com; bcutler@pahousegop.com; sdelozie@pahousegop.com; edepasqu@pahouse.net; bellis@pahousegop.com; kgillesp@pahousegop.com; ggrell@pahousegop.com; mkeller@pahousegop.com; tkrieger@pahousegop.com; dkula@pahouse.net; bneuman@pahouse.net; boneill@pahousegop.com; trock@pahousegop.com; rsaccone@pahousegop.com; tstephens@pahousegop.com; mtoepel@pahousegop.com; ttoohil@pahousegop.com; jwhite@pahouse.net;

9am on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Call their
offices, send Faxes and emails and ASK
them to vote FOR HB 1523 & HB 1668

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MSgt. John DeLallo February 03, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Please call your legislator again. House Judiciary committee meets on 6 February.
MSgt. John DeLallo February 05, 2012 at 07:53 PM
When someone uses our logo or name in a manner inconsistent with our mission statement, and further does not identify themselves beyond the words “Firearms Owners Against Crime”, have we no legal recourse to force said person to either retract the statement or identify themselves? At least we could drop them from our rolls, if indeed the nitwit is a member, and the post didn’t come from Max Nacheman himself. The post I'm referring to can be found at http://pattyebenson.org/2012/02/03/against-illegal-guns-in-pennsylvania/comment-page-1/#comment-39878
Pattye Benson February 06, 2012 at 01:35 PM
The tag line for Community Matters, www.pattyebenson.org is "Your Voice Counts ... Join the Conversation". It is important to hear all views, even those that may differ from our own. And I support the right to express those opinions.
MSgt. John DeLallo February 06, 2012 at 03:52 PM
Thank you Pattye, and I've already joined the fray on the absurd opposition to HB 1523. It would appear that most of the comments calling for 1523 to be laid aside also speak to Lost or Stolen legislation, a page right out of Bloomberg's fearful anti gun playbook. HB 1523 most certainly addresses far more than Lost or Stolen. If the citizens want Lost or Stolen as a Commonwealth Statute under Title 18, let them lobby for it. Lost or Stolen has never gained traction. It has not been challenged where it has been passed as, under Commonwealth Law, one must have "standing" to challenge it. It appears, despite the number of communities who have embraced it, that not one person has been charged with a violation. Lost or Stolen is a solution on a wild goose chase for a problem that simply does not exist.
MSgt. John DeLallo February 07, 2012 at 01:40 PM
HB 1523 passed the Judiciary Committee and should go to the House shortly. Thanks to all who support it.


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