The Time to Act is Now. We Must Outlaw Assault Weapons in this Country

Our Children Deserve Better, We Deserve Better.

Yesterday, I took my two granddaughters
to a train ride with Santa.  It was to
say the least a great experience to see my two beauties, Alex and Aurora having
fun on the train but more importantly, it was such a joy seeing all those
children laughing and giggling throughout the 90 minutes train ride with music,
song and Santa Claus walking and meeting all the children in the train
cars.  Why, I even had a picture  taken  with Santa and received a chocolate bar as did
all the other children who took pictures with Santa Claus.


It was a joyful afternoon and
reflecting on what happened in Newtown Connecticut just a few days ago, I cannot
help thinking how can someone turn to innocent children as did Adam Lanza on
that fateful Friday morning at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown.


 Children especially at the tender age of 6 and
7 years old should be nurtured, not cut down in the prime years of their young
life as it happened in Newtown, Connecticut.   But, as
many of us can attest to, this kind of massacre of innocent people has happened
before and if we continue the same status quo on the questions of guns, I am
sure this will happen again next time maybe, in our own neighborhood.


Despite what gun activists say, guns
kill!!!  This is not to say that we as a
nation should abolish guns altogether because, in the hands of stable and
responsible people, guns do serve a purpose.  But, when those guns fall in the hands of the mentally
disturbed the collateral damage to innocent lives is too much to bear for a
civilized country such as the United States of America especially when little
angels are taken away as it was the case at the Sandy Hook elementary school.


Why would anyone have in their home,
the type of automatic rifle that was used to mow down the 20 children and 6
adults in Newtown is beyond my comprehension or understanding.   I can understanding
owning a gun for protection but an automatic assault rifle that can kill
hundreds of people in seconds, that is absurd and I think it is about time that
our politicians in Washington take action fast before more tragedies occur in
this country.


America cherishes people especially
little children.  My father cherished me
when I was a child.  I remember how he
always sheltered me from the evil of the world. 
Such was the theme of the 1998 movie, “Life is Beautiful” with Roberto
Benigni.  A movie that won the best Oscar
award for the 1998 best foreign language film.  In the movie, Guido, played by Mr. Benigni
continually sheltered his little son throughout the turmoil of the
Holocaust.  It is a movie about a father’s
love for his wife and most importantly, his love for his son.  That is what parents do for the little ones
among us.  That is what my father did for
me when I lived in Italy during the dark days of postwar Italy.  My father never let me see the ugliness, the
despair and the wickedness all around.


Unfortunately, as we have seen in the
past and especially in Newtown Connecticut, this is not always the case when innocent
children are left helpless at the hands of deranged people with guns. 


The time is now to take a stand to
protect the most innocent among us.  The time
is now to renew our dedication to protect all children and all Americans from
the scourge of assault weapons and other deadly firearms.


The time to act is at hand.

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Elizabeth December 19, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Didn't you have a comment with this listing tel numbers for elected representatives? I can't find it now that I am ready to focus.
Interested Observer December 19, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Mr. Pino, Unfortunately, your facts (i.e. "automatic weapons") are wrong. While you are rushing to a judgement, you are not getting educated. There are things we can do, but knee-jerk is not the answer. Let's use this tragedy to find intelligent solutions that meet the common good and protect the rights of our citizens. Your ideas don't do that.


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