Stop Whining, Get a Photo ID

Let us all do what's right for this country and get a photo ID.

For those liberal minds out there that always scream foul about individual rights especially now that the new in Harrisburg. I say:

  • Where were my rights, when my tax dollars are being used to pay for those on government assistance when these people spend my hard-earned money at my corner McDonald's buying milkshakes and french fries instead of spending my money for what was intended–healthy foods for their children and families?
  • Where were my rights when this government spends billions of dollars on government pork projects that in many cases result in nothing useful for the people of this country?
  • Where were my rights when we, the taxpayers, pay farmers millions of dollars for not producing?
  • Where were my rights when my tax dollars are spent to support the illegal aliens of this country in the form of government assistance and school tuition when our own children do not have the same right and privilege?
  • Where were are my rights when each and every year millions of dollars are given to foreign countries in the form of economic and military aid and then have these same entities turn around and harm Americans?
  • Where were my rights when my tax dollars are used to bailout corporations in this country to get them out of bankruptcy when they themselves caused the bankruptcy in the first place by their negligence and incompetence, and then pay company’s executives millions in bonuses for failing in the first place?
  • Where were my rights when this government allows people of food stamps to use those same stamps to buy luxury items and other frivolous merchandise?
  • Where were my rights when this government through unfair labor practices and high taxes causes jobs to go overseas where taxes are lower and the work environment is better?
  • Where were my rights when people on government assistance can receive free medical visits and treatments including prescriptions drugs with a zero co-pay when I have to have a co-pay to receive the same benefits?

Yes, to those screaming liberals out there who always complain, I say, I did not vote for such waste in the system that I support with my tax dollars and neither was I represented when the fat cats made these oddball decisions. From where I am standing, it is taxation without representation.

Stop whining and do what is required as a citizen of this country and this state and if Pennsylvania wants you to get a proper ID to vote, get one! It is in the American spirit.

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matt September 18, 2012 at 03:03 AM
PINO, Well if you want to be part of the ghee how easy it is to be poor get rid of everything you own and join them.By the way do you PERSONALLY know anyone on welfare?were you talking to them at Mcdonalds?Did not seem too concerned about billions wasted in Iraq for king George..typical blame the poor..how many illegal aliens do you know..are you and Apache, Iriqous?Sounds like class warfare to me ..criticize the poor OKAY but say something about factory closing millionaires and hey lay off the rich.. ..
matt September 18, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Oversees work environment better?..textlie worker in Cambodia makes $700 a year..maybe yo can do it over here for $600 a year big shot..not about taxes it is about greed..
Catherine September 18, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Mr Pino: Read yesterday's Washington Post story on one woman's ordeal to get a voter ID in Philadelphia. I hope it will change your point of view. This person is not a freeloader user on welfare: She owns her own home, has worked at the same job for 24 years and has been a registered voter for a long time. It was unnecessary bureaucratic b.s., which she had to use up a vacation day to suffer through. Her situation? She lives in the city, has had no need to drive and no bank account or credit cards -- she pays for everything with cash. That means she had to buy a money order (plus surcharge!) to pay for the ID that fortunate people like you, Mr Pino, don't have to bother to get.
John J Pino September 18, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Catherine--I usually do not respond to comments but since you want me to read the Washington Post, I will say this, I do not have to read what the Washington Post has to say about this woman from Philadelphia. I can only tell you that in today's world, there is (no reason) that a person can live without a bank account or a credit card. We are not talking about the Stone Age here. This is, 21st century America and people do have bank accounts and other forms of identification. There is something wrong here and I am not going to venture to what it is for your benefit. Again, stop whining and get an ID. I have multiple ID's and I am not an elitist. I am an Immigrant who has learned the American way and live proudly as an American.
Catherine September 18, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Mr Pino, if you read the article, perhaps you will get an understanding -- and have some compassion -- for how others lead their lives. As an immigrant, you should know: there is not one single kind of American. Your way of living is not superior to the way others live their lives.


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