Stop Whining About the PA Voter ID Law

See the good in the PA Voter ID law.

Instead of resorting to name calling and the like, why not rationally debate the issue that is PA Voter ID law?  And by the way, what is wrong with having a photo ID when one goes to the voting booth to cast that all-important American vote?

Despite what many say that voting is the exclusive right of all Americans, I say voting is among other things, “a privilege.” All it takes is for one to make one visit outside this country to realize how privileged we are that we live in such a country where one can vote freely.   

I just returned from the old Soviet Union, the now, “Russian Federation” and I can tell you, if that is all that this country asks of me–to have a photo ID to vote, what little price is that to pay?

Yes, not everything in these united states is great but let's understand one thing, use our vote to replace the crooks in Washington with law-abiding politicians so that we can have a better country. I do not favor nor do I care much for either party because in the past four or five decades, the two-party system has done little for you and I–middle-class Americans, who day in and day out go to work for mere survival.

But, let us be fair about one thing, all of us should be proud to be Americans and living in the best country on Earth. And, if all that this country asks of us is to carry a Voter ID card, then, I will gladly abide and do what is right because the protection of my vote is all too important to be left in the hands of unscrupulous individuals who care more about what is good for them instead of what is good for the United States of America.   

I have traveled far and wide and after each return, I kissed the ground of the United States because I realized long ago, how great this country is. One has to just look at the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbor for the story that is, America. 

That statue in all its glory, tells the whole story of the American people,  a country of immigrants who are free. Yes, this country was from the beginning, and still remains, the land of the free and the brave.

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Dannytheman August 12, 2012 at 09:28 PM
I have to assume that Democrats do not fly out of our airports, that they do not buy from our State Stores, that they never cash a check, that they never enter a Federal building or attend the Democratic National Convention? They never ever buy a gun or ever drive a car? They never ever have to produce proof of who they are? I just think it is a smart move to make people prove who they are AND where they live before allowing them to vote. Because no one has been charged with any crime, does not mean that no crime has occurred,
John J Pino August 12, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Very well said, Dannytheman!!!!!!!!
JoeytheMan August 12, 2012 at 10:10 PM
I Agree with DannytheMan: EXCEPT: Your last line: just because a person has NOT been charged with a crime, does not mean that no crime has occurred". Obviously: The question is EVIDENCE: someone can also accuse someone in court of a crime with no EVIDENCE! No proof, and just there accusations: It happens all the time in Divorce cases. So Danny, just because someone hasn't been charged with a specific crime, and may have been accused by another person, doesn't mean shit. If a specific person committed a crime and someone else accuses them, there is always evidence! That last line just, made your previous comments worthless!
Cindi Miller August 12, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Yep, again...Unfortunately...not much credence to what you say. This is about something that has NEVER been questioned until the Rep's. 'lost their way'. Never a problem in the past & isn't a problem now. This has nothing to do with what Danny or Joey is talking about. This is about the American People's 'unalienable right to vote'.EXERCISE YOUR UNALIENABLE RIGHTS WITH RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND NEVER LET GOVERNMENT DEPRIVE YOU OF THEM! It's in the constitution....
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