Obama's Re-election Guarantees a New Wave of Socialization in the United States

This is the New Obama's America: a country of needy people–people who look to the government for their survival.

Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson created the Great Society as a way to alleviate and/or eliminate the social problems of our inner cities. Johnson’s program was aimed primarily at the elimination of poverty as a result of years of segregation and racial injustices in many American cities.

Better education was also a goal since many urban areas’ graduates were not reaping the same benefits as suburban schools. It was to say the least, a gallant effort by a president, who with the stroke of a pen, tried to eliminate years of unfairness, discrimination and injustices especially in those areas plagued by crime, high unemployment, mediocre education, lack of good medical care and other urban social problems.

Well, today, some 50 years and billions of taxpayers’ dollars later, a good portion of our inner-city populace are still at the poverty level but this time they are being financially sustained almost completely by the government. City public schools are still graduating illiterates, young adults ill-equipped to enter the workforce many of which do not even know how to complete an employment application.

Obviously, Johnson’s efforts as well as succeeding American presidents have failed in their endeavors to eliminate poverty in our inner cities in spite of the costly programs initiated to help the poor. But, while government poverty efforts have failed, in the process the people who rely on the government handouts have learned to work the system to their advantage and they do it well.

Today, 80 years and counting, after Roosevelt’s New Deal, Johnson’s Great Society and Obama’s Social Agenda of 2008, inner cities are still plagued by the same problems that were supposed to be eliminated through the efforts of these three democratic presidents who wanted to achieve equality among the races.

Medicare and the Social Security System while still in existence today,
are on the verge of bankruptcy due the fact that it spends more money that it
takes in because less people pay into the system when compared to 50 years ago
when the ratio was a favorable four workers for every recipient. Today, that ratio has been reversed, instead of having four people paying for one recipient; we have one worker paying for four recipients.

Working the system in this country has become a way of life for many Americans living off of the government assistance programs. In fact, working the system has become, “a great success story”, a business for many who rather collect a check than work. Why even illegal aliens learn how to work the system even before they set foot in this country. And, if you like this story, by all means, re-elect president Obama. President Obama will continue to expand the government assistance program of this country one hundredfold on your own little shoulders—the taxpayers of this country.

In the past two years alone, this administration has created so many entitlements that a new American culture has been created, “the non-working Americans”. This new American culture has become so pervasive that if it is allowed to continue will have dire consequences for this country. Of course, re-electing Obama will practically guarantee the above scenario with unstoppable spending that this president is intent on paying with taxpayers’ dollars.

I know first-hand the economic doom of this kind of culture due to the fact, that for the first 13 years of my life, lived in a place where 50 percent of the people worked while the other 50 percent lived on the shoulders of those who paid taxes.

So, why do we continue to pay out money without asking for something in return? When will this government, democrat and republican alike, face the fact that government poverty programs have not worked, are still not working and will not work in the future? Why do we continue to pay people for not working, replacing the good American attributes of motivation, incentive and self-sufficiency with
boredom, dependency and disillusionment?  Is this what we want for the future of this country? Welcome to the new American mentality of socialization, a society mired in socialistic ideals

I have had personal experience with some of these people who receive government’s assistance, sometimes, even from birth to death. I have seen too many healthy young individuals who are working the system receiving Medicaid, housing assistance, food stamps (that they sell for cash) 100 percent full medical coverage without any co-pays, temporary assistance, supplemental security income, low income home energy assistance, utility subsidies, weatherization payments etc., etc., etc.

But my favorite is, the IRS Earned Income Credit refund for those people who work part-time while getting rewarded for working less than a 40-hr week. The IRS actually refunds up to $5600 to taxpayers who keep their income low while only paying a very small amount of taxes. Some people refuse to work a full week because if they workthe full 40-hr week, they would not be able to receive this “unearned credit” refund.

Adding to the all-American giveaways is the fact that many of these part-time workers still collect all the freebies that the government gives away up to and including, totally free health care with not even $1 co-pay. So while many of my working friends and acquaintances (many of them seniors) go without their prescription medications and other necessities because they cannot afford them; many of those people who through the years learned how to work the system, get
everything for free.

What a great excuse for not working, I wonder no more why the productivity index in this country is so low when compared to other countries (i.e., China, a country we owe millions of dollars in debt). And, let us not forget that these programs are paid on the backs of the shrinking working class. Today, even seniors are feeling the crunch of an inept system that has run wild.

An Obama’s second term, the American people especially the seniors of this country will again be asked to fund another wave of social programs by sucking the rich and the middle class of this country. Seniors in particular, will be asked to pay higher Medicare deductibles on the top of not receiving a cost-of-living increase for the last three years in a row resulting in a negative social security check for many who depend on that money.

Yes, in these United States, the truly needy, the children and the elderly deserve to be helped but when our tax dollars go to pay for healthy individuals who have made their life’s mission to work the system that these shortsighted presidents have enacted into law, then, it is time for change

We need clear reform in America, we must forget the freebies and replace them with offering the people the ideals that made this country great; motivation, incentive, self-reliance, independence, self-sufficiency, pride and personal

This should be the new America generation, the new 21st century of American greatness. Re-elect President Obama and the new American generation will be a nation of needy people–people who look to government for a meal.

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Anthony Wayne September 29, 2012 at 02:31 PM
JDB, I listened twice. What I heard was 1. War propaganda, wrapped in the flag, is still war propaganda. 2. A clean slate on foriegn policy conspicous by it's absence. 3. A balanced budget in 2013, including massive cuts in military spending, absent. 4. Repeal of the patriot act, absent. 5. Audits of department of defense and fed, absent. 6. Clean slate on funding elections and access to all candidates in debates and ballots, absent. 7. Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, absent. In fact, the opposite. 8. Clean slate of income tax and IRS, absent. 9. Judicial and exectuive checks by congress, absent. 10. Ending or providing competition for central banks, the fed, absent. Our two party system reminds me of professional wrestling, lots of fighting and drama on the outside, colleagues behind closed doors as "it's all about business".
Sharpie September 29, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Everyone is cleaning out their own garage. Get started. The only thing left out by Anthony Wayne is self-sustainable communities. Figure it out. It's not rocket science.
Sharpie September 29, 2012 at 03:07 PM
We chose our own destiny as individuals. All kinds of folks and entities throughout this universe are paying attention. We better start. Like today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY4jbYNTmKs
JC September 30, 2012 at 11:18 AM
Chose welfare over a job? I guess unwed mothers who are having many children with many different fathers would rather be working......? Drug addicts and alcoholics on disability would rather be working? I think not. They would lose their steady check, housing subsidies, energy assistance, free cell phones, food stamps etc. etc. and completely FREE MEDICAL etc. etc., something the workers of America do not have....... all these benefits and never have to get out of bed in the morning., I did a lot of volunteering and that's where I saw "working the system". The government gives more for not working. What company gives 100% free medical?
Sharpie October 01, 2012 at 06:37 PM
It's pretty hard to chose a job when they're aren't any. The USA had far more productive citizens before it's leaders chose to let all the jobs leave the country. Of course, we can continue to blame the wrong people. That's our choice also.


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