Jayson Werth: What A Loss For The Phillies

The Phillies is not World Series material.

Phillies' fans: do you remember Jayson Werth and the lame story Ruben Amaro told the people of Philadelphia why Werth had to be traded when he became a free agent? Werth demanded a lot of money and a long-term contract Amaro told us.

Well, last night Werth proved that he was worth all the money because now the Washington Nationals, because of Werth, are on the threshold of winning the National League Championships and advance to the World Series, something the Phillies have been unable to do since 2008 when Werth was a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Ruben Amaro could not afford to resign Werth and he could not afford to keep Cliff Lee when the Phillies acquired Roy Halladay. Today, both decisions have turned out to be wrong because, the Nationals with Werth are on the verge of playing in the World Series while the Phillies are again spectators. Sometimes, you have bite the bullet and sign the player that has proved his potential and a winner.

Since those two fateful decisions, Amaro has given large long-term contracts to 33-year-old Rollins, Cole Hamels and closer Papelbon and, yet, Werth who helped them to win the 2008 World Series became expandable just like Lee in 2009 when he was spectacular in the World Series against the New York Yankees.

And, who was supposed to replace Werth in right field? The always unpredictable and unproven Domonic Brown and a part-time player in the name of Ben Francisco.

Today, Brown is still an enigma and Francisco is elsewhere. Even Pence, Victorino and Ibanez are gone, the Phillies do not have a bonafide right fielder. A near future World Series in Philadelphia is doubtful at best because the age of the current Phillies' inner core players is getting older. 

The Phillies had their chance to win consecutive World Series championships and the blew it by making one wrong decision after another. Maybe, that was their plan all along. Winning teams must make the right choices. From where I am sitting, the Phillies constantly misinterpret talent and under-estimate a players' value to the organization.

Maybe, Amaro should think long and hard this offseason before he makes another trade because so far, everything he has done, has backfired.

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GJ October 13, 2012 at 10:21 PM
I just don't follow your reasoning. You say "Werth had to be traded when he became a free agent." How do you trade a free agent? Then "Ruben Amaro could not afford to resign Werth and he could not afford to keep Cliff Lee when the Phillies acquired Roy Halladay" but say those decisions turned out to be wrong. How can it be "wrong" to not pay for what you can't afford in the first place? And face facts, everyone in baseball thought the Nats were crazy to give Werth the contract they did. And they were. It wasn't a contract just for Werth, but instead to let other players know that it would be okay to come to Washington. No way was Werth worth well over $100 million. In an earlier column groaned about how the Phillies let Gio Gonzalez get away. He was with them for about a minute, having been part of the Aaron Rowand for Jim Thome deal. Then he was the throw in for the ill-fated Freddy Garcia trade. The Phillies never even got to evaluate him in the minor for very long, and that was in 2005. Yet you moaned that they let him get away. Really? YOU could tell seven years ago what he would be? Oh wait. I guess you can. After all you said "From where I am sitting, the Phillies constantly misinterpret talent and under-estimate a players' value to the organization." Please explain to the readers what your outstanding player evaluation background is and how it is better than those who do it for a living.
John J Pino October 13, 2012 at 11:20 PM
GJ.. Since you took one shot after another at my intelligence, I am not even going to waste time answering your questions except to say, that you can live in your own misguided misery.......
paul cushing October 14, 2012 at 01:02 AM
If the Nats had won they would have still had to play and beat the Giants before moving on to the World Series. Hind sight is always 20-20 for fans and teams. This post season...Ibanez, Pence, and Werth...all have played key roles although Werth's efforts weren't enough to help the Nats. Ibanez was a bit of a liability defensively but fits nicely with an AL team as a DH. Pence just seems to fit better with the Giants than he did with the Phils. Let's see what the winter brings with the moves Amaro does or doesn't make and then we can either look forward to the new season or burn our season tickets.


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