As an American, I Deserve a New Political Party

A new people's party in America, a new American Ideology is needed.

We all remember Ronald Reagan back in the 1960s and 1970s when he said, "The democratic party left me, I did not leave the democratic party; that is why I became a republican...." 

Remember, Reagan was a long-time Franklin Roosevelt's democrat before he switched to the republican party. Well, today, with all that has been happening in this country of lately, I feel betrayed and left out by a two-party system that resembles the same exact coin with two sides. 

My voice, as a voter, is being silenced by a government elite that for years has ignored the plight of the working class of America. It is time for change in these United States; it is time for a people's party with no attachment to the cronies in Washington that continue to ignore the taxpayers–the same people who support this wasteful government with their taxes that continue to always increase to pay for the fatcats in Washington.

One great example of the political tactics of the current two-party system is Obamacare. While 50 percent of the American people believe that Obamacare is wrong for America, no one knows what to do about it. In fact, even the republican nominee when asked about what he would do as president to bring health costs down, his fast answer is always the same, "Repeal Obamacare." Mr. Romney and his Tea Party's friends offer this nation no plan and no alternative to the current health care albatross that is, Obamacare.

Tea Party members continue to falsely believe that the skyrocketing health costs can easily come down if the government gets out of the way and let the private sector set prices etc. etc.  But, how realistic is that?  For the last five decades, I have seen rising healthcare costs to the point that today, if nothing constructive is done, this country as we know it will be unrecognizable in the future.

It is time for America to join the ranks of other industrialized nations (i.e., Great Britain, France, Italy, Canada, etc.) and enact a workable healthcare system for this country. The private sector has failed for five decades to lower costs and will continue to fail because whenever a business entity or an organization is motivated by the profit margin, costs rarely decrease in fact, they always go up.

Repealing Obamacare as the republicans want to do without offering an alternative in the way of a viable government mandated healthcare plan for every American is an empty promise because the health care mess we are in will continue to erode our well being and as it is always the case, the taxpayers will bear the heavy burder of higher taxes and high health care costs for the short term and high inflation and other associated costs for the long term.

As an American, I deserve better. I deserve to be counted, I deserve to be represented in the halls of Congress. As a voter, I have been ignored for too long.  I want and I demand that my vote be counted in the November's election.  America, it is time to wake up. 

For too long, the government elite of this nation have had a field day with our money. It is time to tell them to act responsibly with our tax dollars. Restrict welfare payments to able-body americans who collect monthly checks on the shoulders of the american people.

No more bailouts for irresponsible companies who rape their businesses with bonus and high salaries and then, threaten bankruptcy when they cannot pay their bills only to be bailed out with our tax dollars. Enact a new heathcare system that works for all people and bring down costs once and for all. Restrict and eliminate pork projects in Washington, projects that serve no purpose except to put money in lobbyists' pocket.

Vigilence in government must be a priority if this country is to survive in the 21st century and beyond. Enough with the waste and inflated payments for government causes that serve only the politicians who write the wasteful programs that continue to erode our standard of living.

Just as Reagan did more than 60 years ago, today, I feel left out not only by my party the republicans but also by the two-party system that no loner represents me or my ideology, the same ideology of our founding fathers who believed in, hard work, personal responsibility and the dignity for the individual.

As a republican voter for the past 40 years, today's brand of republicanism is not the same republican ideology of past presidents (i.e., Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan), men of steel who wanted for what was best for this country.

Ronald Reagan, in particular, the greatest communicator this country has ever had in the White House, while a staunch conservative, knew how to compromise when it was in the best interest of the United States of America.

Reagan was right when he single-handedly brought down the soviet empire that for years threatened the security of the US and the free world with their brand of communist ideology and an autocratic political mindset.

Reagan was also right when in the 1980s compromised on one deal after another with then the democratic speaker of the House of represntative Tip O'Neil for the betterment of this country. 

Today, America is hungry for new leadership in Washington. America cannot afford another four years of socialized medicine by Obama nor can America afford a candidate who offers no alternatives for today's economic ills.

America today needs true leadership and return this country to the ideals that made this nation the greatest country on earth. 

As an American, I want my vote to count again, I want my voice heard, I want what is best for America, I want the same America for my children and grandchildren that I enjoyed in my younger years that, when someone wispered  the name of the United States, everyone was in awe because they knew what America was about.

In those days, with hard work and proper diligence anyone could have achieve the American dream, anyone could have a bite of the American pie.

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Paul H August 04, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Walt - You missed the point and went off on your own tangent. The analogy was about the cost of insurance under similar circumstances. In both examples the cost to purchase insurance increases when you are a higher risk. You are correct that you do not have to buy car insurance unless you have a car. You also do not have to buy health insurance. Not all of us are born with health. The legal cost for a breach of contract would not be that great. Usually handled by a panel of arbitrators. You would need a contract and would have to be clearly defined. It is not fair that someone with a preexisting condition can wait until they need medical attention to purchase insurance at that point. It is not popular unless you only listen to MSNBC. You may not want to go back to the days of insurance company abuse but government is not the answer. Look at medicare and social security for example. Free market and competition, something we have not seen, would prevent your concern.
Walt August 04, 2012 at 02:24 AM
Paul H- "Not all of us are born with health" ?? That's so strange a statement that is makes no sense. We ALL have health, even you ,unless you're God, and that's what the insurance is for. Typical conservative Republican shortsightedness.
Paul H August 04, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Walt I guess it is true liberals say the dumbest things. My son was born without health. You do not need to buy health insurance. It makes sense to have it but you do not need it. No shortsightedness here. I see things so much clearer than you possibly could imagine.
Walt August 04, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Paul H - I feel like I'm talking to a rock. You're son was born with good health or poor health, not without health. Try reading a dictionary instead of looking like a fool. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/health
Paul H August 04, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Let's face it Walt you are totally overmatched. Even if I concede your everyone has health point you have failed to address the key pieces to the debate. First was about the federal government being involved. You are for more government I am against. I brought examples of programs where there was government involvement and it failed. You change the topic to the insurance companies drop you or will not accept you if you have a preexisting condition. I give you a very good example of another type of insurance and how that works the same way. You brush that away because you do not have to have a car, once again missing the analogy. Then you say since everyone has health they need health insurance. I say no you do not always need health insurance. At some point in your life it makes sense to have it, but you do not always need it. You offer no logical rebuttle and instead you try and change the course of the discussion. You are overmatched. By the way my son was dead at birth. To me dead is no health.


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