Identical Triplets Born in Montgomery County

Doctors say the odds of having three identical babies are one in a million.

The Rhoa triplets, in a screen grab from CBSPhilly.
The Rhoa triplets, in a screen grab from CBSPhilly.

Oh, babies!

Three identical triplets have been safely and successfully delivered at Abington Memorial Hospital, CBSPhilly reports.

Proud parents Allison and Wes Rhoa told CBS that they were in shock when they discovered that instead of one baby, they would be bringing three home.

Allison learned that she was carrying triplets early in her pregnancy.

Dr. Eddie Chang, a neonatologist at Abington Memorial Hospital, told CBS that the odds of having identical triplets are one in a million.

Allison delivered her three girls by C-section on Feb. 5, when she was 33 weeks pregnant, CBS said. 

The Rhoas named their girls Ava, Avery and Alissa. Each little girl weighed about 4 pounds at birth, CBS reported, and all are expected to go home in a few weeks.

See a video of the new family of five above.


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