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Patch 101: Upload Pictures to a Story

Were you at an event featured on Patch? Share your photos with your neighbors.

Have you ever read a story on Patch and thought you had the perfect photo to add? Do you want your photographs published online?

Whether it's for a prize in our Picture of the Week contest or just to show off some talented photography in an article, readers are encouraged to upload their photographs and share them with the community. 

Don't forget to add some information about yourself and the picture in the caption to let your neighbors know whose beautiful photography skills they are viewing.

Follow these simple steps to upload your pictures to a story on Patch:

  • Choose the story you want to upload a picture to.
  • Then, click the "Upload Photos and Videos" button above (or sometimes below) the picture section of the story.
  • In the window that opens on your screen, choose the picture you want to upload.
  • Finally, click on the picture's thumbnail to add a caption for your picture.  

(See the images in this story for screen grabs if you are unclear what the links look like on the page.)


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