Mud Sales: Shopping, Entertainment, Lancaster Co. [Day Trip]

Looking for a deal? Want to see what the Amish and Mennonite are really like?

No. They don’t sell mud at mud sales.

Mud sales are spring fundraisers for Lancaster County fire departments. 

Why Go?

Deals: You can frequently find good deals on unusual items.

People Watching: If you’ve watched recent reality shows like Breaking Amish or Amish Mafia, you may wonder what they are really like. Many Amish and Mennonite families come to these sales. Horses and buggies are frequently among the items being auctioned off.

What is a Mud Sale?

They are called mud sales because the majority of the sales are held in fields, where it tends to get muddy during the spring, when the sales are held.

I’ve seen everything, including the kitchen sink, for sale at mud sales.

Each sale is different and some are bigger than others, but handmade Amish quilts are usually auctioned off in the firehouse. In tents and outside, you can find plants, used furniture, antiques, farm equipment, toys, office equipment, tools, hay, horses, buggies and much more.

There are usually multiple auctions going on at one time, so quilts may be being auctioned in the fire house while antiques are auctioned in a tent and in the field buggies are being auctioned off in one place and plants in another.

Each sale usually has its own food sale, so there’s no need to bring lunch. Support the fire company and get some chicken corn soup, chicken BBQ, hot dogs or some of their other goodies. You can usually find traditional Lancaster County favorites, such as whoopee pies and wet bottom and dry bottom shoofly pie. Some sales even have stands selling homemade root beer. 

Mud Sale Schedule:

February 23: Strasburg Fire Co.

  • 203 Franklin St., Strasburg, PA 17579
  • Start time: 8:30 a.m.

March 2: Bart Township Fire Co.

  • 11 Furnace Rd., Quarryville, PA 1756
  • Start time: 8:30 a.m.

March 9: Gordonville Fire Co.

March 16: Penryn Fire Co.

  • 1441 N. Penryn Rd., Manheim, PA 17545
  • Start time: 8 a.m.

March 16: Airville Volunteer Fire Co.

  • 3576 Delta Rd., Airville, PA 17302
  • Start time: 8:30 a.m.

March 16: West Earl Fire Co.

  • 14 School Lane Ave., Brownstown, PA 17508
  • Start time: 8 a.m.

March 23: Gap Fire Co.

April 6: Robert Fulton Fire Co.

  • 2271 Robert Fulton Hwy., Peach Bottom, PA  17563
  • Start time: 8:30 a.m.  

Insider Tips

  • Parking can be a challenge because frequently roads around the fire company are closed off for the sale. Some sales provide buses from remote parking lots, call the fire company fore details.
  • First thing to look for when you arrive is the office so you can get a number so you can bid on things.
  • If you buy something big, you typically have 24 hours to take it home, so be prepared.
  • Enjoy


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