Babysitters Needed for Valentine’s Day

How do you find someone to look after your kids on a night when all couples want to be having a 'date night?'

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day when couples go out, so what happens when so many couples go out on the same night? Two words: babysitter shortage.

It can be difficult in the first place to find someone you trust to look after your children, but Valentine’s Day presents an additional challenge. Most couples would like to go on Valentine’s Day, which stretches the babysitter pool and on top of that, many babysitters themselves have Valentine’s Day dates, whether they’re grandparents, students or anywhere in between.

If you're still searching, you can look online. There are some websites where sitters can register.  (Disclaimer: I have not tried any of these sites to book a sitter. If you have and would like to share your opinion of the sites with your neighbors, please let us know in the comments area below. Please also let me know if I’ve missed any good ones.)

You can also use the Philadelphia Craigslist to look for a sitter or to post an ad for one in domestic gigs.

Call Out: Parents and Babysitters

I’d like to use this post to help connect local couples wanting to get out for Valentine’s Day and local babysitters who haven't yet been booked, so, if you fit either one of those categories, please post in the comments below.

Please make sure to include in your post:

  • Your name
  • Your town
  • Some contact information, such as an email address or phones number. If you feel uncomfortable with that, I would suggest setting up a quick Yahoo or Gmail account to share.
  • You are welcome to include other information, but I would suggest not getting too specific about your children in our comments. Once you contact each other, you can go through details.


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