Patch Readers Help Save Paoli Pizza Hut

In a dramatic and sudden turn around Pizza Hut in Paoli Village Shoppes stays open-thanks to you.

The Pizza Hut in Paoli Village Shoppes is staying open thanks in large measure to Patch Readers.

Paoli Pizza Hut General Mnager tells TEPatch the store got an 11th hour save from the Pizza Hut national franchise after customers and people who read the articles about the closing Thursday morning on TE Patch.

The store had been asking customers to return their customer satisfcation surveys in order to show the people at Pizza Hut headquarters how popular the carr out and deliver location has been for years and years. Paoli General Manager Russell Miller tells Patch nothing had worked and the store was set to be closed on Thursday at 10 p.m..  Failed efforts to negotiate a new lease was behind the decision to close. Basically, Pizza Hut didn't want to sign the new lease that was being offered by the landlord.

By Thursday night that all changed.

According to Miller, customers and huge numbers of people who read the closing story on TE Patch, didn't just fill out the customer satisfaction surveys-they called the Pizza Hut corporate number to express their outrage over the store's announced closing.

A smiling, relieved, and grateful Miller says enough people flooded the Pizza Hut headquarters with calls to prompt the corporate franchise director to decide the store needed to be kept open despite the lease situation.

As a result Pizza Hut is staying put in Paoli-at least for now. Miller says the store may look for another location nearby but now it will not shut down while that process goes on.

You Saved a Dozen Jobs

Miller says he got word of the decision Thursday just before closing time that was to have been the closing-for-good time. Most employees had already gone home and figured they were out of work, at least temporarily.

He started calling his employees with the news and had no troubles getting people to come back to work on Friday. "Everybody was just so happy that they had their jobs back," Miller told TE Patch Friday night.

Long time Pizza Hut employee Doug Reed summed up the feeling among the store's staff who have formed a bond with customers over the several decades the store has been in Paoli "We're very grateful that people called," Reed says. "We've known a lot of these customers for a long time."

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Bob Byrne September 29, 2012 at 02:18 PM
The two stories that we posted on Thursday morning about both Pizza Hut and Ritz camera were among the most-read of any posted this month. The local Pizza Hut guys told me they'd never really heard of Patch before. Well they know about us now and our amazing readers. TE Patch readers really did play a huge role in keeping 12 people from losing their jobs. It's another great example of how the TE community goes the extra mile for its neighbors. Especially small businesses. (The Pizza Hut store is a franchise, not corporate-owned store). I love this job and this community, and I was especially proud of you, our Tredyffrin Easttown Patchers on this story. If local businesses are important to you-and I know they are- let me also encourage you to "like" Tredyffrin Easttown Patch on Facebook. (Yes, that will help me do MY job but far more importantly) we promote a ton of TE small business specials, coupons etc on the TE Patch Facebook page. We re-post their Facebook announcements and it's a great place to learn about what's going on with your neighbors' small businesses. It's also where we post stuff that may not be super "newsy" but it's where you'll see all the great deals. Thanks, and way to go my wonderful TE Patchers, YOU have made a real and important difference to the lives of 12 people who still have jobs!
Barbara Cresswell September 29, 2012 at 04:14 PM
TE PATCH deserves a hugs hoorah and Thanks for getting the word out so fast about Pizza Hut Paoli... and Ritz Camera. I was shocked and then sad. And really frustrated as I was unable to get over to PH or call in. Major Thanks to fellow TE Patchers who did make their feelings known and saved PH for a while at least. I moved here in 1999 and PH became a great "friend" on many a night going home late from my job. Always friendly, helpful people ... wanting their customers to be happy and feel good. Does it get better than that? Take a moment of pride Bob in the positive impact you enabled to happen. Good people can and do make a difference...and we have plenty of good people here! Best to you- Barbara Cresswell
Emily Smith September 29, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Way to go Bob Byrne and TE Patchers for making your voices heard! I'm proud to be part of such an amazing community. Best of luck to the employees of Pizza Hut! Emily Smith
Lindsay at Flag Lady Gifts October 01, 2012 at 02:17 PM
This is a terrific story! It's wonderful that the Patch is increasing its reach, and fantastic that the Paoli Pizza Hut will continue staying in business. Now Bob, where's the link to the Facebook page....?


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