Monday Never Looked So Good at Two TE Stores

Workers at two popular local stores are waking up to something they didn't expect to have this Monday morning.

Workers at two popular local stores are waking up to something they didn't expect to have this Monday morning. Jobs.

In case you missed this story over the weekend, TE Patch readers did something amazing late last week You helped save the Paoli Pizza Hut location from being shut down for good.

See how it happened by clicking here.

New Camera Store Scheduled to Open Monday in Paoli

Monday morning is also a reason to celebrate going to work for many of the former employees of Ritz Camera in Paoli.

is moving into the former Ritz location in Paoli Shopping Center. The family-owned chain is also hiring many of the former Ritz employees.

Cardinal did not purchase Ritz. Cardinal is taking over the leases and much of the equipment at 11 former Ritz locations from New Hampshire to North Carolina. Customer feedback and store traffic made the Paoli location attractive to Cardninal.

Because it is an entirely new and different company, the local workers who are staying on had to apply for new jobs with Cardinal.

Cardinal says it may take a few more days to get all the new inventory in stock, but they plan to open Monday for sales and film processing. Cardinal's Calire Schweitzer who was in Paoli last week to give store employees and customers the good news says Cardinal puts a very heavy emphasis on customer service and education. "We don't just sell you a box." she told Patch. Schweitzer says that means when you buy a camera or other equipment from Cardinal they take the time to show you exactly how it works, unlike some of the "big box" stores.

Cardinal will also process film (yup, many customers shoot on actual film) as well as digital photos. Cardinal will also process specialty orders for signs, posters, T-Shirt, prints on metal and more right in the store.

It's a good bet the employees will have extra smiles for customers today. They, like former Ritz customers, are very glad there's still a camera store in Paoli Shopping Center.


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