Health Inspections: McKenzie Brew House, Sushi Nami, Trader Joe's

A roundup of Chester County Health Department inspections in January 2013.

Below are the results of health inspections conducted last month in Tredyffrin and Easttown.

The reports from the beginning of January 2013 are available on the Chester County website, while subsequent reports are listed on the state website. This is due to a change in the way reports are made public—all future reports will be presented through the state.  

Chester County Health Department

Note: Scores are based on a 0-100 system.

87 — McKenzie Brew House (inspected 1/10/13)

93 — Royer-Greaves School (inspected 1/15/13)

95 — Sushi Nami Japanese Restaurant (inspected 1/10/13)

100 — Rite Aid (inspected 1/17/13)

94 — Trader Joe's (inspected 1/7/13)

98 — New Seasons Of Devon (inspected 1/9/13)


State Dept. of Agriculture database

Note: Though some of the establishments had violations, all were found to be in compliance with health inspection standards.

Conestoga High School (annual, inspected 1/30/13) — 1 violation

Sage Catering (follow-up, inspected 1/29/13) — 1 violation

Beaumont Elementary School (annual, inspected 1/18/13)

Devon Elementary School (follow-up, inspected 1/25/13)


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