Christmas "Angels" Return to TE This Year

Surprised and grateful shoppers are moved to tears by some big surprises.

Jacob Sanduka says "we call them angels."  Sanduka is a manager of the Big Kmart in Devon. He says people have been coming in since Black Friday and quietly paying off lay away accounts.

"We had one yesterday, two the day before and four people said they are coming in tomorrot," Sanduka told TE Patch Wednesday evening.

It was a big story last year when several similar angels at other Kmart stores around the country started catching the attention of the national news media. Several people did the same thing for lay away customers in Devon.

The trend has gotten almost no media exposure this year, but Sanduka says many "Christmas angels" have been coming to the store in recent weeks. He tells Patch that the "angels" want to remain and anonymous and they don't know who they are helping. Sanduka explained that the donors tell Kmart how much they want donate and the computer matches them up with accounts of a similar amount that have children's clothes and toys lay away.

After the accounts are paid off by the angels Sanduka says "we call the customers and the customers often cry. It's a beautiful thing."  Sanduka says many of the recipients tell him they want to come back next year to pay off someone else's account.

Sanika Pearce is a Kmart store associate who talked to Patch Wednesday. She also spoke with Patch last year and says just like last year, the anonymous gifts are a blessing to people who get the surprise. "A lot of them cry," she told Patch.

Sanduka says four more people called to say they wanted to come in on Friday and pay the balance on several more lay away accounts. He said there is still time and there are many more lay away accounts with outstanding balances if other "angels" want to help.  You can pay for lay away accounts at the customer service desk inside the store (which is next to the Devon Acme).


Lee December 20, 2012 at 12:37 PM
That's what it's all about! God bless our everyday angels.!
Trisha Larkin December 20, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Thanks for an uplifting story...very heartwarming. Merry Christmas!


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