Melmark Artists Display Work at Footlighters

Local performing artists welcome a traveling show by painters with autism.

A press release from Footlighters Theater in Berwyn calls it "the intertwining of works by two very different groups of artists: accomplished thespians who express  a varied palette of emotions on the stage and students diagnosed with autism who communicate their feelings on canvas. "

On Sunday, March 4, Footlighters Theater, will host an art  reception featuring paintings created by students at .  The reception will follow the theater’s performance of Wizard of Oz and will give members of the public a view of art through  the eyes of children with autism.

During intermission at this Sunday's (March 4) performance of the Wizard of Oz, audience members will be able to view the artists’  paintings and learn more about Melmark.  Immediately following the performance, the public is invited to stay for an art reception, where they can meet the children and adults served by Melmark.

Melmark’s Traveling Art Show will remain on display at Footlighters throughout the month of March.  The  display includes nearly twenty pieces, each created by students who love to show off their abilities in the art room.  The artists range in age from ten years old to twenty-one, and their artistic techniques are just  as diverse as their ages.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to share their abilities with members of the Main Line  Community,” said Joanne Gillis-Donovan, Ph.D., Melmark’s President and CEO. “Having the support of Footlighters Theater is demonstrative of the organization’s commitment to giving back to the community.”

"Connecting our community to the arts is key to our mission as a non-profit theater and having the opportunity to connect our audiences to the wonderful artwork done by the Melmark students aligns  perfectly with that goal," said Footlighters President, Kirk Paul.  "The whole Footlighters family is happy for the opportunity to work with Melmark to help raise awareness of the great work they do in our region."

Click here for more information about tickets, dates and time for The Wizard of Oz at Footlighters.


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