UFO Experts Descend on TE

Do you want to believe?

Attention TE: those out there looking to believe should head to the Tredyffrin Library in Strafford on July 6 Mutual UFO Network Pennsylvania’s one-day program.

The day-long event will featured presentations for four UFO experts who will be “sharing their passion and dedication for pursuing the truth,” according to a release from Mutual UFO. 

Check out the scheduled speakers below.   

  • Chief Field Investigator Bill Weber explains the purpose, goals, investigative process and sightings statistics in “What is MUFON?”
  • Explorer, documentary filmmaker and expert in crop circle phenomena, Jennifer W. Stein presents on “Crop Circles in the United States.” 
  • Author Peter Robbins speaks on the documented UFO incident, "England’s Rendlesham Forest,” that he researched for his book, “Left at East Gate.”
  • Former Department of Defense Counterintelligence Special Agent, Antonio Paris leads a team of distinguished professionals and scientists who determine whether or not unidentified aerial phenomena can be attributed to a man-made object, natural phenomena, hoaxes or perhaps extraterrestrial in nature. He is the author of  “Reviving Ufology for the 21st Century.”


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