It's Not Havana, It's Paoli

You don't see many of these around TE these days.

You don't see a whole lot of cars like this these days unless you're in Havana.  TE Patch's camera caught this vintage cherry red Chevy from the 50's just after 6 p.m. Monday turning from Valley Road onto Lancaster Ave. in Paoli.

The interesection hasn't changed a whole lot in terms of width and traffic pattern since this baby rolled off the assembly line.

While planners can't do much about widening the Valley Road Bridgeto figure out how to make the area better for drivers and pedestrians.

The study is being funded by PennDOT but administered by Tredyffrin Township. The people conducting the study would like to hear from anyone who lives or drives in the train station area of Paoli.

There is a website with updates on the study and questionaires at this link: http://www.paolionthemove.org/




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