Winner of the Easttown Open Guess-the-Golf-Balls Contest Announced!

Caius stands with his prize behind the Easttown Library
Caius stands with his prize behind the Easttown Library

So just how many golf balls were there in the Easttown Library lobby display case? This question has been keeping the community curious, wondering, guessing, and in some cases even perplexed, for the past month! The display was both a visual promotion for last Saturday's Easttown Open mini golf event and a contest that anyone could enter – and people of all ages had much fun coming up with their guesses!

Many different approaches were used, from calculated estimations to attempting an outright count to just plain guessing. Not even Mr. Silverman, Easttown Library Director, knew the answer (and he's keeping mum as to what was his personal guess!).

The winner is Beaumont second-grader Caius Michlitsch. We caught up with him when he received his prize, and asked him about his winning strategy. He counted the amount of golf balls lining the length of two sides of the case, and then multiplied that number. Then, he counted the layers of golf balls stacked up in the case, and subtracted an amount to account for the fact that there were less balls on each layer, which formed a rough pyramid heap.

His answer? 847, which was the closest guess to the actual number of..................841! Pretty darn close, and an impressive (and successful) analytical approach to solving the problem. Congratulations, Caius, and enjoy the movie prize package!


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